Lagos Train Accident: More Details Emerge On Bus Driver, Sent To Psychiatry

More details have emerged on the bus driver who drove the Lagos State Staff Bus involved in a collision with a train in the State on Thursday morning, leading to the death of no fewer than six persons and injuring many.

This was as the driver, whose identity was yet to be made public as been sent for psychiatric test.

According to some of those on the bus, the driver was warned as he defied the approaching train to meander his way through other vehicles that had stopped.

A staff of the Lagos State Government was also said to have said after the accident that she stopped taking the particular bus because of the risk the driver had taken in the past dashing across the rail line when a train was approaching.

The staff said on condition of anonymity: “Though it was the most convenient bus for me to take on my route, but I stopped taking the bus because we had in the past warned the man against beating train warnings.

“But he would not listen.

“Now it has happened.”

A student who was observing his Industrial Training was said to be one of those badly injured in the accident, The Eagle Online reports.

The Commissioner, Nigeria Railway Police Command, CP Yetunde Longe, said the driver had been arrested and was undergoing psychiatric, physiological and drug tests.

The said driver, who was among those rushed to the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, was said to have been ushered into another unit in the hospital for psychiatric, physiological and drug tests.

This was even as the CP revealed that the driver had also been arrested.

Longe said: “We are investigating the number of people that died in the crash.

“An autopsy will be conducted on the remains of the victims on Friday.

“Presently, we are with the driver, we are handing him over to doctors for medical examinations because there was a flag officer at the railway crossing, flagging him down, but he refused to stop.

“This is why we must subject him to a medical examination.

“I can only confirm for now that two people died.

“As a driver, this is one of the tests you have to take note of because when you get to a level crossing, the train will be honking for people to know that a train is coming.

“Drivers should ensure they are patient for the train pass.”

When asked why there was no barrier at the level crossing, Longe replied: “Unfortunately, for now, we don’t have such a thing there anymore.

“But there was a signalman who was at the crossing in the morning when the crash occurred.

“The driver of the bus never obeyed the signalman.

“That caused the crash.

“The driver, if found culpable, will be prosecuted and we are working with the state Department of Public Prosecution.

“They are gathering more evidence to prosecute him.

“The driver has been arrested and he is in our custody presently.”


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