Lead British International School Shut Over Bullying

The Lead British International School has shut down the school for three days in response to a viral video depicting bullying among its students.

The decision was announced during a meeting attended by concerned parents on Tuesday, held within the school premises.

In a firm statement, the school administration condemned the incident, pledging to conduct a thorough investigation.

“The school administration is approaching this matter with the utmost seriousness,” affirmed Ogunkambi, a spokesperson for the institution.

He reassured that the school had promptly reached out to the victim and her family, extending support and counseling services to help them cope with the emotional aftermath of the harrowing event.

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Furthermore, Ogunkambi disclosed that the school would not only provide counseling but also implement disciplinary measures to address the perpetrators’ behavior.

A dedicated panel has been convened to investigate this incident and other allegations of bullying within the school community.

It was earlier reported the incident in a viral video where a female student subjected her peer to physical abuse. The victim endured several slaps from her assailant, while other students observed, seemingly complicit in the aggression.

The closure of Lead British International School underscores the gravity with which educational institutions are addressing the issue of bullying, highlighting the imperative of fostering safe and supportive environments for all students. 

(Nigerian Tribune)


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