Lead British School: Video Of Another Bullying Incident Hit The Internet

Another video depicting a separate case of bullying at the Lead British International School, Abuja has emerged.

In the new video posted on Tuesday, some male students in the school’s uniform are seen surrounding another boy who appears to be in casual attire.

A student slapped the boy who was on his knees, and then some of the other boys who are gathered appealed to stop the ‘bully’ from further harming the boy, who was later whisked away in the nine-second video.

This is in response to the first viral video of bullying in the same school that was released earlier.

An X user, @moooyeeeee, had on Monday night posted two videos of a female student of the school being repeatedly slapped by another female classmate.

The user called for justice for the victim.

Since they were posted, the videos have drawn the wrath of many users of the microblogging platform who condemned the incident and called for the school authorities to investigate and punish the culprits.

However, the management of Lead British International School, Abuja, in a statement on Tuesday, said it has begun investigation into the matter.


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