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Leg Cancer Kills Nollywood Actress, Stella Ikwuegbu

The Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood, has lost veteran actress Stella Ikwuegbu to the cold hand of death.

The actress passed away on Sunday, 16th of June, 2024, after a battle with leg cancer.

Her colleagues in the industry have expressed deep sadness and sorrow over her demise. Movie producer Stanley Ontop shared his grief on social media, writing: “Popular Nollywood actress/veteran Mrs Stella Ikwuegbu has passed away.

“The veteran actress left this world today after battling leg cancer. Rest well, Madam Stella. Nollywood, not again. It’s well. Shalom!”

He continued, “Ukwu Gi Dia. Why? You scaled through several accidents and all. Eniure/Achiere came, and in less than a week, it took you.

“Oh my… I feel bad. Stella Ikwuegbu, nenu Jennifer, you didn’t enjoy a thing. Why? Just why? Adieu, Great Actress Extraordinary.”


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