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Lionel Messi Agrees To Stay With Barcelona

Barcelona FC Captain, Lionel Messi has agreed to stay in Barcelona after officially informing the club he wanted to leave.

In an interview with Goal, Messi said: “I was not happy and wanted to leave. I have not been cleared in any way and will continue with the club so as not to get into a legal dispute. The management of the club led by Bartomeu is a disaster.”

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Messi added that he doesn’t want to leave Barcelona where he has played since he was a boy on the note of litigation.

“I feel hurt by things that I heard from people, from journalism, from people questioning my Barcelonismo.

“It also helped me to see who is who. There are many very false people.

“It hurt me when my love for this club was questioned. My love for Barca will never change.”

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