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Mercy Eke Becomes #BBNaijaAllStars First Female Head of House as Alex Secures Black Envelope Immunity and Doyin Wins Pardon Me Please Game

This week, the housemates competed against one another in the Head of House game in six teams of three housemates each. The goal of the game was to test their physical and mental strength.

Group one, consisting of Cross, Ceec and Soma, faced the HOH challenge first, with Soma emerging as the qualifier for the next round. Cross and Cee-C forfeited because they decided not to go first. The “Tip the Scale” game consisted of seesaws with three wooden containers at each end. Each seesaw was labelled with each housemate’s number and picture. There was also a sand pile and three balls. All they had to do was to fill any of their opponent’s seesaws.

Biggie stated they could pick sand from any pile into any container during the game. He also instructed them not to pick sand from the seesaw but only from the sand on the floor. Noting that the housemate whose seesaw tips last wins.

Whitemoney, Mercy and Frodd were part of group two, which saw Mercy qualify for the next round. Group 3 – Adekunle, Venita and Ike went second. Adekunle qualified for the next round after his seesaw tip stayed in the air throughout the game. Seyi, Doyin and Angel were part of group four that saw Doyin qualify for the next round. Neo, Alex and Tolanibaj of group five also did their best in the game, with Neo qualifying for the next round. Pere, a group six-member, played against Ilebaye and Kidwaya and made it to the next round of the game.

Soma, Mercy, Adekunle, Doyin, Neo, and Pere, who passed the first challenge, headed to the final round. But unfortunately, Big Brother disqualified Adekunle and Soma as they did not obey Biggie’s simple rule. True to their strategy session, the ladies took Pere out of the game first.

At the end of the second round, the Head of House game paused, introducing the black envelope challenge, where the housemates had to look for the envelopes hidden around the house after Biggie’s gong signal. Alex and Tolanibaj found two of the envelopes. While Alex’s noted that she was immune from the week’s pending eviction, Tolanibaj had a message to have better luck next time. No one discovered the last envelope, and Big Brother had to reveal where it was hidden. The envelope the Head of House gym privileges but no immunity.

Mercy and Doyin headed to the final round, while Neo informed Biggie that he would like to discontinue the game. Afterwards, Big Brother announced Mercy Eke as the new head of the house, making her the first female Head of the House in the All-Stars edition. She received the chance to choose four BFFs who would share her lounge. She chose Angel, Whitemoney, Doyin and Frodd to be her BFFs for the week.

The HoH announcement led to the “Pardon Me Please” nominations. The game does not allow them to state their names, the head of the house or the black envelope winner’s name. Housemates can only nominate one person. There will only be one winner. If there is no clear winner, Big Brother will declare the game inconclusive as Biggie will not recognise the tie. To ensure they had the right trio safe for the week, the housemates had multiple strategy sessions, dividing the house into factions and leading to many heated interactions.

Doyin received the most nomination with seven nods. Neo, Ilebaye and Adekunle posed big competition for the former Level-Up housemate. Neo received four nominations, while Adekunle and Ilebaye scored three votes each. Whitemoney was the only one to vote for Cross Okonkwo. Big Brother announced that Doyin is immune from possible eviction this week.

Every other housemate apart from Alex, Doyin, and Mercy are up for possible eviction. Their continuity in the game depends on the viewers’ votes, and voting portals are now open until 9 pm on Thursday. Viewers can vote via the MyDStv and MyGOtv apps, mobile or website. Depending on their subscription, all DStv subscribers are liable to up to 10,000 votes (Prestige subscribers) or as little as 200 votes. GOtv subscribers, on the other hand, get between 200 and 750 votes (GOtv Supa+) based on their subscription. Fans must work to keep their favourite away from the bottom two position as the jury holds the power to send one of the two home.

Until the eviction show on Sunday, viewers can enjoy BBNaija All-Stars on the 24/7 channel – DStv ch. 198 and GOtv ch. 49. Remember, if you are away from home and don’t want to miss a minute of the action, you can catch up with your favourite All-Star housemates on the DStv app or Showmax. For more information about the show and programming, visit

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