Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Property In An Estate In Lagos 

Investing in real estate, especially in Lagos, Nigeria, can be a lucrative opportunity, but it’s not without its pitfalls. Lagos is known for its dynamic property market, with a wide range of options, including estates. 

However, navigating this market requires careful planning and consideration to avoid common mistakes that could lead to financial losses or legal issues. 

In this article, we will highlight the mistakes you should avoid when buying property in an estate in Lagos.

  • Lack of Due Diligence

One of the most crucial steps when buying property in an estate is conducting thorough due diligence.

Failing to investigate the property’s history, ownership, and legal status can be a costly mistake. 

Make sure to obtain all necessary documents, including a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) and a survey plan. Verify the property’s ownership and history to ensure it is free of disputes and encumbrances.

  • Ignoring Location Considerations

Lagos is a sprawling city with varying property values depending on location. 

Failing to consider the location carefully can lead to dissatisfaction with your investment. 

Evaluate the estate’s proximity to essential amenities like schools, healthcare facilities, markets, and transportation hubs. 

Also, consider the security and infrastructure in the area.

  • Overlooking the Reputation of the Estate Developer

The reputation and track record of the estate developer are crucial. 

Avoid buying property in an estate developed by a company with a history of legal issues, subpar construction quality, or delays in project delivery. 

Research the developer’s past projects and seek feedback from previous buyers.

  • Not Inspecting the Property

Never buy property without physically inspecting it. Pictures and descriptions can be misleading, and visiting the site allows you to assess the property’s condition, potential renovation needs, and whether it aligns with your expectations.

  • Skipping a Property Inspection

In Lagos, some properties may be subject to flooding during the rainy season. 

Ignoring a proper inspection, which includes checking for flood risk and drainage systems, can lead to devastating consequences.

 Engage a qualified surveyor or engineer to assess these factors.

  • Overextending Financially

Avoid the mistake of stretching your finances too thin to acquire property. 

Carefully assess your budget, including the purchase price, legal fees, taxes, and potential renovation costs. 

Create a realistic financial plan to ensure you can comfortably afford the property without jeopardizing your financial stability.

  • Neglecting Legal Assistance

Property transactions in Lagos can be complex, and legal guidance is essential to protect your interests.

 Hire a reputable real estate attorney who specializes in Lagos property law. They can review contracts, conduct due diligence, and ensure all legal requirements are met.

  • Not Understanding Estate Rules and Regulations

Each estate in Lagos may have specific rules and regulations governing property ownership and management. 

These rules can affect your ability to use, rent, or resell your property. It’s essential to understand and abide by these regulations to avoid potential conflicts or penalties.

  • Not Considering Future Growth

Lagos is a rapidly growing city, and the landscape can change significantly in a short time. 

Failing to consider potential developments and infrastructure projects in the area can lead to missed opportunities or reduced property value appreciation.

 Research upcoming projects and urban planning initiatives that could impact the estate you’re interested in.

  • Underestimating Maintenance Costs

Owning property in an estate comes with ongoing maintenance responsibilities and associated costs. 

These can include security fees, waste management, and common area upkeep. 

Ensure you are aware of these expenses and budget for them accordingly to avoid financial strain in the long run.

  • Relying Solely on Verbal Agreements

In real estate transactions, verbal agreements hold little to no legal weight. 

Always insist on putting all agreements in writing, including terms, conditions, and any promises made by the seller or developer. 

A written contract protects your interests and ensures both parties are held accountable.

  • Rushing the Decision-Making Process

Buying property is a significant decision that shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time to thoroughly research, evaluate, and compare different options. 

Don’t succumb to pressure from developers or agents to make a hasty decision. A well-informed and patient approach can lead to a more successful purchase.

  • Neglecting Property Resale Value

While you may be focused on your immediate needs and preferences when buying property, it’s essential to consider its resale value. Market conditions can change, and you might need to sell the property in the future.

 Choose a property that has the potential for appreciation and appeal to a broad range of buyers.

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