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Mr Ibu Seeks Help To Settle Medical Bills As He Risks Loosing Legs

Nollywood actor, John Okafor, popularly known as Mr Ibu, is seeking financial aid from Nigerians to settle his medical bills as he said doctors informed him that his leg might be amputated.

The ailing actor made the call in a video posted on his Instagram page on Wednesday, 18th of October, 2023,

In the video, the nollywood legendary was seen laying on the hospital bed, explaining that he has been ill for weeks and not responding to treatment.

He noted that he is at risk of having his leg amputated if he is unable to receive the proper treatments.

The actor said, “While I am hoping for prayers and assistance, as I speak to you I am still lying down in the hospital. The medical director of this hospital said that in case his new idea does not work, the next idea is to cut off my leg. Just see me, if they cut off my leg where would I go? Pray for me, I don’t want my leg to be cut off, thank you so much, God bless you.”

Okafor’s wife and daughter were also in the video, begging Nigerians to keep them in their prayers and lend financial assistance where necessary.

His daughter noted that she has been shouldering the bills for as long as the actor has been ill.

She also stressed that the family would prefer to fly him out of the country for more treatment.

She said, “I’ve been the one handling the bills and I am financially drained, we can’t do it alone. He’s not getting better, some days it looks like he is and other days it looks like he is getting worse.

“We are still at the hospital and they want to transfer him to another hospital because he is not getting better. We want to appeal to Nigerian individuals or organisations to please fly daddy abroad for better treatment. This is not the first time daddy is down like this.”

The legendary actor and comic celebrated his 62nd birthday in his hospital room surrounded by family on October 17.

In the video posted to his page, Okafor was evidently in pain while sitting up in front of his cake, and the affected leg was swollen.


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