MURIC Accuses Lagos Of Neglecting Mosque Collapse Victim

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), an Islamic human rights organisation, has revealed that the legs of a victim from the collapsed mosque in Mushin, Lagos State have been amputated.

In a statement issued by Professor Ishaq Akintola, the Executive Director of the organisation, it was disclosed that they received information from an anonymous caller on Friday morning regarding the worsened condition of one of the victims from Al-Mutmahinat Central Mosque located at Yusuf Street, Papa Ajao, Mushin.

“According to the whistle-blower, the victim’s two legs are in such bad shape that one was amputated yesterday (Thursday 30th May 2024). The caller also added that the second leg would be cut off today (Friday 31st May). He lamented that no government official has shown up at all since the victim, a young girl by the name, of Naeemat Lasisi, 13 years, was brought to the hospital. She is now lying helpless in the Orthopaedic Ward of the  Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

MURIC, however,  called out the state government to take responsibility for the victims of the collapsed mosque.

“MURIC calls out the  Lagos State Government (LASG) for this act of criminal negligence, official irresponsibility, and inhuman callousness. LASG bulldozer pulled down the mosque where this little girl was badly injured. Another little girl, Anifat Yusuf, died immediately while about fifteen (15) other worshippers sustained various degrees of injuries. Yet LASG did not deem it fit to empathise with little Naeemat Lasisi.

“We hereby warn LASG to take responsibility for all those who were hospitalized as a result of the collapsed mosque at Mushin. We as an organization do not engage in violence. Our motto is ‘Dialogue, Not Violence’. Neither do we issue threats. But we know our onions and we assure LASG that our action over this issue will speak louder than our voice given the government’s lackadaisical attitude.

“MURIC calls on Muslims in  Lagos State and all men of conscience, particularly the  Lagos Muslim Community and the Joint Muslim Forum of Lagos State to take note of the attitude of the state government on the collapsed mosque and its Muslim victims, both dead and injured.”

The statement added, “We charge conscious Muslims, particularly members of MURIC in Lagos State, to brace up for a prolonged, purposeful yet peaceful agitation on the collapsed mosque and justice for its dead and injured victims. Freedom is not offered on a platter of gold, it is won through struggle and it is those who dare to struggle that dare to win. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

“We remind LASG that Muslims in the state have suffered enough in its hands. We have been politically marginalized, economically debilitated, and socially ostracized and now we are being killed inside our mosques while the state government maintains deadly silence. But Muslims in the state have taken their destiny into their hands and it can no longer be business as usual. The issue of the collapsed Mushin mosque and its dead and injured victims will be diligently pursued using every legitimate means available.”

Recall that the mosque collapsed on Sunday when the mosque that was hit by an excavator collapsed in the Papa Ajao area of Lagos State.

Three persons, including an 11-year-old girl, lost their lives while seven people sustained varying degrees of injury in the incident.


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