Muslim Sisters Encourage UI International School Female Hijab Wearing

Following the struggle by some Muslim parents of University of Ibadan International School female students in the quest to allow their wards wearing Hijab while in school, some notable Muslim sisters have fed the students with words of encouragement and determination.

In their separate lectures, the vanguard of hijab struggle at the Nigerian Law School, Barrister Firdaus Amasa, a gynecologist from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Fatimah Rabiu, Sistet Mutiat Orolu and Engineer Sherifah Balogun-Adeleye called on the school girls not to despair in determination to do what is right even when there are difficulties and opposition towards doing what is right.

The lecture and awards was being organised by the University of Ibadan Muslim Students’ Society of Nigeria (MSSN), brotherhood in honour of the 11 University of Ibadan International School Hijab wearing students.

Speaking with journalists shortly after she delivered a paper with the theme, “Hijab and fundamental hunam rights in the spirit of constitution” Amasa said challenges on the way to do the right thing should not discourage one from doing it.

According to her, “I implore the students and everyone generally to be firm and be steadfast in spite of challenges that they might face in life, they should rely on Allah. There a lot of challenges but with Allah, it will be possible”. 

She called on the government to face other developmental issues rather than frowning at the use of hijab.

 “And to the government and every other Nigerian, it is high time we stepped forward. The issue of Hijab should not raise dust as it is doing now. We should have moved above that stage. 

“The issue of hijab should not cause problem because in civilized countries, things like this do not cause issues. You wear your hijab, you appear in the way your religions preach. Hijab should not be a thing that will cause issue in the society. We should be civilized and leave the barbaric era, face other more important issue so that we can progress. May Allah make it easy”. 

Another speaker, Dr Fatimo Rabiu said the focus of the lecture was not just about the hijab but in other facets of human life, they should be firm.

Rabiu shortly after she delivered a paper entitled “Breaking neo-colonial shackles: Muslims right of assertion”, told journalists that the program was not only about Hijab but transcends beyond it, saying that the lecture covers all areas of human endeavours. 

According to her,  “It is not just about hijab, it transcends hijab. They need to be firm in whatever they do vis-à-vis their education, daily activities and domestic matters. It is all about being firm, being determined, not being intimidated; there are meant to be trials and tribulations they should make us turn all stumbling blocks to stepping stones to a greater height.

“Education, their being, the immediate environment, they should be premium brand for their environment and their families. To our Governments, there are so many issues in which they are lagging behind. This hijab is one of them and we don’t just want them to take it as a wave of hand.We appreciate what they have done so far. I am from Lagos State I know the hijab matter in Lagos State with respect to nursing and my profession. I appreciate the government and I know they are going to do more”. 

The programme according to the organisers of the programme held at Bodija Islamic centre in Ibadan with the theme, “Be firm” was to celebrate the students who despite the intimidation remained determined with what they believed in.

The eleven students are, Aliyah Adebayo, Aliyah Dokpesi, Akifah Dokpesi, Fadeelah Akinbile and Iman Akinosho. 

Others are, Ikhlas Badiru, Mardiyyah Yekinni, Hamdallah Olosunde, Yusroh Osuolale, Fareedah Akerele and Fareedah Moshood. 

It could be recalled that the students were last month barred from wearing Hijab by the authority of the school for wearing Hijab during the school hours.

At the event were the National Ameer of MSSN, Dr. Taofeeq Yekini, Chairman, UI International School Muslim Parents’ Forum, Alhaji Abdulrahman Balogun among others. 

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