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My Mandate Is To Raise Total Brand Higher Than My Predecessor –Imrane, MD Total Nigeria

Managing Director of Total Nigeria Plc, Mr Imrane Barry

Mr. Imrone Barry was posted to Nigeria recently as the new Managing Director of Total Nigeria Plc. In this first media interview to be granted since his arrival, he speaks on his plans to raise the quality of Total Nigeria Plc as a brand of choice by consumers in Nigeria. With the strategic objective of ensuring that the company remains the choice of stakeholders, he listed the roles of Total Nigeria Plc in guaranteeing provision of quality products and efficient services in the downstream sector. Excerpts:

 What is the secret of Total’s success in the downstream sector?

There is no secret. The secret is the love for Nigerians, the love of Nigeria and knowing that at Total, we can be Nigerians in Nigeria, French in France and Guinean in Guinea among others. This connection with the culture and with the country has been there since 1956 and this is true diligence to deliver on our commitment. This is making us to stay here in Nigeria and we are here for the long run. And we are very thankful and grateful to the Nigerian people.

Looking at all your products, you are always rebranding and upgrading your products. Why?

You know today, more and more, customer is becoming sophisticated and he knows much better than anyone what he wants. So, in order to stay leading the pack, you have to take account on daily basis the new needs and requirements of customers and innovation is the only way to catch up. That’s why you can see more and more new products, the new services and the new client experience being delivered on the market. So, that’s how it is. And the four pillars of our strategy that we are with – the first one is safety. Without safety, everything you do is waste. The second one is Human Capital – how to attract and to retain the best Nigerians in order to innovate. The third one is leveraging on our brand. I hope you know that Total is the most preferred brand in France and one of the most well known in Africa. So, these are unique activities. We have to deliver things to our Nigerian customer. And of course the last one is Operational Excellence – doing the right thing for the first time and the last time without missing a day. And these are at the core of our service today, and for that Nigerian men and women are working with us.

What has been your major achie-vements this year?

Actually, it’s a continuous process. So, the most important thing for me today, is when I will leave this country (this company) to be sure that I have put the brand higher than it was handed over to me by my predecessor.

So, it is a relentless quest, a relentless fight, and on that every day we celebrate our successes. So, everyday of God, is my achievement.

What is your relationship with the shareholders like?

Shareholders are the ones that are giving us money and we have to deliver value to them. So, we value them, we love them and we care about them and we are really thankful to them for their support. But most importantly, for the feedback they’re providing us with. You know when they give you feedback, especially a legal feedback, it’s a blessing that helps you to progress. So today, connecting with our shareholders, you have seen it actually by the dance they have offered to us, it’s one of the closest relationships that I have seen. So, we thank them for trusting us.


This interview with Mr. Imrane Barry was conducted by Dr Samuel Ibiyemi, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Nigerian NewsDirect, a national news platform developed and published by NewsDirect Global Concept Limited. Nigerian NewsDirect is one of the Strategic Media Partners of Lagos Post Online Newspaper.

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