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N160M SUV Cars: You’re Insensitive To Nigerians Plight, NNPP Chieftain, Ajadi Lambasts Senators 

New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP) Chieftain, Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has lambasted the Nigerian Senators over the plan to purchase 360 Sports Utility Vehicles, (SUVs) with each of the cars costing up to N160M, saying they are insensitive to the current suffering of ordinary Nigerians.

Ajadi in a release he issued on Friday said he is surprised like many other Nigerians that Senators who are representing the people are quite insensitive and are pretending to be unaware of the suffering of Nigerians presently.

He said Nigerians are currently living in pain as a result of the removal of subsidies on petroleum products as well as other harsh economic conditions, wondering how those representing the people in Abuja are so selfish and uncaring for the people they are representing.

“Many Nigerians are unable to feed themselves. Many are dying daily as a result of poverty. Many schoolchildren are dropping out of school due to the current high inflation rate.

“It is sad that our senators are thinking and behaving as if they are not living in Nigeria. They are behaving as if the plights of Nigerians are not their problem. They are highly insensitive and immorally unconscious of the suffering of ordinary Nigerians.

“If they are sensitive, will they be talking of cars costing billions of Naira when the exchange rate of Naira to the dollar is unarguably embarrassing.

“It is also sad that many of our national legislators are justifying the purchase of the SUVs at such an exorbitant rate on bad roads across the length and breadth of the country.

“That cannot be a justification, the bad roads signs that they are not doing well in government. We need to ask them, whose duty is it to provide good roads if not for the Federal Government, of which the Senator is part.

“The development has also shown that our Senators and House of Representatives members hardly go back to their constituencies to feel their situation once they are elected.

“This must be corrected. Our National legislators must be close to their constituents and feel their pains. That is what our constitution says and we must abide by it.

“Just last week, I hailed members of the House of Representatives for feeling the pulse of teachers when the Chairman Committee on Education recommended an increment of their salaries from primary school to tertiary institutions, that’s a good move, and that’s kind of thing we are expecting from our Lawmakers”.


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