NADDC Charts Path Towards Electric Vehicles Future In Nigeria

The National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC) is optimistic about the future of electric vehicles in Nigeria. 

In an interview with Nairametrics, NADDC’s Director General, Jelani Aliyu said that there is much work to be done for EVs to succeed in Nigeria. But he added that some of the concerns are no problem at all.

Read an excerpt from the interview below:

Just like when the very first internal combustion engine vehicle was first introduced in Nigeria, there were no mechanics or petrol stations. Yet, because of the value the vehicle offered, the whole ecosystem sprang up to what we have today.

The NADDC has technicians who understand vehicles in general and hybrids. At NADDC, we have built 18 motor training centres across the country and we will be using these as platforms for technology transfer and to train technicians and mechanics on electric vehicles.

We are also putting together the National Occupational Standards (NOS) that will guide the training on electric vehicles. Aside from the electric drive itself, some of the components of EVs are similar to ICE vehicles, this helps in developing skills in EV maintenance.

When NADDC started promoting electric vehicles, we met some pushback due to power issues, so we started working on a 100% solar-powered, off-grid EV charging station. We built one in Sokoto, one in Lagos and another in Nsukka, Enugu.

Anyone can charge their electric vehicle at any of these stations. We are keeping track of data to gauge performance in different climatic conditions, to enable improvement on what we have already built.


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