Nationwide Blackout As National Grid Crashes To Zero Megawatts

At approximately 1 pm on Sunday, power generation on the national grid plummeted to zero megawatts, signaling a nationwide collapse in the country’s grid.

Data obtained from the power ministry showed that electricity generation on the grid dropped from 2,407MW around 11.53 am to 31MW by noon on Sunday, before collapsing to 0MW an hour later.

This led to widespread blackouts across the country, as power distribution companies blamed it on the collapse of the grid managed by the Transmission Company of Nigeria, an agency of the Federal Government.

Kaduna Disco, for instance, confirmed that the loss of bulk power supply left Kaduna, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Kebbi states in darkness on Sunday.

Figures from the TCN showed that all 20 power plants, except Ibom Power with 31 megawatts, were offline by 11:51 am on Sunday.



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