New Year: Embrace Limitless Opportunities Life Presents, Cleric Urges Nigerians 

The Senior Pastor of Solution Family Church, (SFC), Dr. Christian-Shola has called on individuals in Nigeria to embrace the limitless opportunities that life presents as New Year is approaching.

Dr Christian – Shola is renown for his messages of hope, inspiration, and motivation that have sparked a movement among young African youths globally, encouraging them to embrace their faith and strive for a better future. 

He encourages Nigerians to dream big and believe in their ability to achieve greatness in the coming year. 

He said there is the need for Nigerians in the present circumstance in the country to be bold, prayerful and pursue their passions and conquer their fears.

He emphasizes the importance of having bold and audacious dreams. 

He urges Nigerians especially the youth not to settle for mediocrity but to think beyond their circumstances and envision a future filled with success and purpose. 

The SFC Senior Pastor further encourages individuals to share their testimonies and experiences of God’s faithfulness.

 Dr. Christian-Shola believes that sharing personal stories of God’s goodness not only strengthens one’s faith but also inspires others to trust in His unfailing love. 

On cycles of failure and disappointment that individuals often find themselves in,  he advised Nigerians to break free from these patterns by surrendering their past mistakes and embracing forgiveness and grace. 

Speaking on  “Second Chance” , the Senior Pastor conveys the message of God’s endless grace and forgiveness, reminding Nigerians that no matter how far they have strayed, God always offers a second chance to those who sincerely seek Him. 

In a sermon, “Know Your Worth”, he calls on  individuals to recognize their intrinsic value, saying that every person is fearfully and wonderfully made, reminding Nigerians that their worth is not defined by external factors. 

Dr. Christian-Shola’s sermons have  resonate deeply with audiences, as they address a wide range of spiritual, emotional, and personal issues.


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