News Of Maharaj Ji’s Death Not Only False But Mischievously Concocted Says Spokesman

The spokesman for the Living Perfect Master, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji,  Ojo Peter has described the news of the demise of Maharaj Ji that went viral on social media yesterday as not only false but mischievously concocted by disgruntled elements.  

Peter in a press release titled: “Maharaj Ji Is Alive And Not Dead” , said the rumor of the death of Maharaj Ji was concocted by some people who have found it difficult to silence Maharaj Ji from telling the truth about happenings in Nigeria and the world at large.  

“The news of the death of Maharaj Ji is not only false but one that was mischievously concocted by some disgruntled elements.” 

He added: “They want to use the false news to cause disaffection among numerous members of the One Love Family, Nigerians and the world at large but Maharaj Ji has already exposed them for who they are. Such news will never stop Maharaj Ji from saying the truth; he is known for.” 

“We use this medium to tell the whole world that Maharaj Ji is hale and hearty. People of the world should disregard such false information as Maharaj Ji himself has spoken and granted many interviews both audio and video since yesterday that the fake news went viral on social media. “


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