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Nigeria @61: Akande-Sadipe Rekindles Nigerians’ Hopes

Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora, Hon. Tolulope Akande-Sadipe has rekindled the hopes of Nigerians at home and in the diaspora in the Nation.

Celebrating Nigeria at 61, Akande-Sadipe called on Nigerians to join hands across tribal divides and work for a Nigeria, where there is peace, love and equity.

She prayed that God would favour the Nation with His Grace and Blessing, while he leads her leaders aright.

“I pray that God would favour this Nation with his Grace, Blessing and Lead us right”.

She expressed optimism in the Nation, adding that there are lots to celebrate, as a nation.

“Nigeria at 61, I believe there is a lot to celebrate, that we exist as a nation is to be celebrated, we need to celebrate  because life  gives us an opportunity for change, for further development, an opportunity to be the great Nation that we really want to be and ought to be, if Nigeria today no longer existed there would be no Future or Hope as a Nation”

“My prayer for Nigeria is to heal itself from within, healing itself from within is not all about our leaders only, in my opinion, leadership comes out of the people so when the people fix themselves, the leadership that would come out of the people would be the leadership that we are proud of”, she added.

In her emotional tribute, Akande-Sadipe said, “The future belongs to us. The future is in our Hands!!! God bless Nigeria.”


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