Nigeria Attracts Over $100m Investments In ICT

President Muhammadu Buhari on Monday in Dubai, United Arab Emirate at the Annual Investment Meeting 2019 announced that young Nigerians Entrepreneurs have attracted investments worth over $100million dollars to the economy through the use of technology and other Information and Communication Technology (ICT) initiatives.

Adding that a sizeable amount of these investments came from overseas including Silicon Valley.

“Today, Nigeria has close to Ninety technology hubs and every day, new ones are coming up and they are all developing solutions to Nigerians, and indeed global problems, he said.

Already, these young entrepreneurs have attracted investments worth over one hundred million dollars.

A sizeable amount from overseas including Silicon Valley”

He stated that in Nigeria “Our mobile phone penetration exceeds eighty percent.

This means majority of Nigerian’s one hundred and ninety millions are fully connected to this new digital world, especially youth; sixty five percent or one hundred and seventeen million Nigerians are under the age of 25 years.

These bright minds are the drivers of this emerging digital sector”.

He told the participants and investors at the Summit that Nigerian start-ups always have a very impressive outing at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX), stressing that “as leaders it is therefore our responsibility to create the enabling environment to these minds to flourish and reach their full potential”.

President Buhari stated that as the Nigerian youth population are fully digitalized, it is clear that idea of having inclusive economy cannot be achieved without digital inclusion, adding that “We therefore leveraged and supported digital platforms in our numerous socio-economic programms, from training extension workers in agriculture, health and education sectors; tp enabling micro-credits to i9ncrease financial inclusion”.

On cyber security, the President stated that “Nigeria has taken the lead in cyber policing in West Africa” adding that, “In this we are working with our regional and global partners”.


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