Nigeria Will Be Better Off With Local Govt Autonomy, NNPP Chieftain, Ajadi Tells National Assembly, FG

A Chieftain of New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has said the autonomy of local government administration will not only strengthen Nigeria’s democracy but also stabilise its existence and enhance better livelihood of the masses, hence urging the National Assembly and the Federal Government to pass a bill granting its autonomy.

He stated this in a statement on Saturday on various issues related to political and economic matters, particularly on the deteriorating condition of inners roads and primary health facilities in almost all the 36 states, especially Ogun state.

The billionaire business magnate cum politician stressed that the Federal Republic of Nigeria remains a corporate democratic setting whose administrative system could not be acknowledged as a complete one without autonomy to the government that is the closest to the people at the grassroots’ levels.

Ajadi, a governorship candidate of the NNPP in Ogun state at the 2023 elections said many Nigerians are more concerned about the Federal and State budget, not minding that of local government that is very close to them.

He said the power being granted to Federal and State governments in Nigeria to enjoy their autonomy and prevention of undue interference by any tier of government should be replicated at the local government level.

He added that local government is the closest to the rural dwellers and the only way and means to make those inhabitants enjoy the dividends and goodies of democracy by giving autonomy to local government.

Ajasi maintained that it was undemocratic for the state governments in the country to continue eroding the powers and functions of Local Government with introduction of caretaker administrative system, stressing that its introduction in a full democratic setting is an aberration to the principle system of government the country is operating.

He said that the Federal System of Government in the country gave rooms for federal, state and local governments to remain and exist in their own jurisdiction but it amazes that local government’s powers and functions have been taken over by many states government.

NNPP guber candidate lamented that the state governments’ taken over of financial power, inability to present fiscal budget, execution of notable projects have no doubt rendered local governments as toothless bulldogs.

He called on both Houses of Representatives and Senate to enhance not only the theoretical autonomy of the third tier of government but also its practical free governing.

Ajadi ascribed leadership problem as one of the major obstacles hindering the possibility of local government autonomous in Nigeria’s democratic setting, stressing that majority of those who are fortunate to serve as local chairmen at the helms of affairs are square pegs in a round hole and round pegs in a square hole.

He pointed out that when the needed qualities of leadership and democratic tenets are not embeded in those who are charged to serve at the local levels, to attain optimal results, effectiveness and efficiency would be an herculean task.

Ajadi said there were so many things which are not within the purview of state governments, adding that it was only chairmen who can identify the needs of grassroots and deliver such effectively, hence the need for its autonomy.


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