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Nigerian Idol Season 8: Theatre Week Comes To A Close As Top 10 Contestants Emerge

After a fierce battle, starting with thousands of hopefuls and dwindling to hundreds, the top 10 Nigerian Idol contestants going to the live shows have emerged.

The final judgement of Theatre Week divided the best singers in Nigeria from others and revealed which contestants have what it takes to perform live for the audience’s votes next Sunday. It was a make-or-break moment! Amidst anticipation and nerves, 29 contestants took the stage individually, striving to secure their place to compete in the top 10.

After surviving the golden ticket, first theatre week and duet rounds, the final 29 contestants received their life-changing songs for their auditions. These talented individuals diligently learned the lyrics, adapted the music to their style, and poured their hearts and souls into delivering the performances of their lives.

First up was Savvy Henry. He confidently took to the stage, determined to surpass the disappointments of the previous season. His solo audition seemed promising, as his heart raced with anticipation. The judges were impressed, and Savvy secured a coveted spot in the top 10, a step closer to his dreams. He had redeemed himself after failing to make the top 10 last season.

Next was 17-year-old Constance, who had delivered a stellar performance during her solo audition the previous week with Ariana Grande’s hit song, “Positions,” and faced the judges with nerves and excitement. Her talent shone through once again, securing her a well-deserved spot among the top 10 contenders.

Arite, brimming with confidence, stepped forward to face the judges. While her performance received praise from Dbanj, her singing fell short of expectations. Unfortunately, she did not make the top 10.

As the selection process continued, only eight spots remained, and many talented artists had their dreams to make the top 10 cut short as their journey abruptly ended. The moments were heartbreaking. Contestants like Daniel Adam, Soul Tunes, Sir Danny, and many others accepted defeat and reluctantly bid the show farewell.

Precious Mac, sister of season 6 top 11 finalist Faith Mac, delivered a fantastic performance of Simi’s song, “Ayo”, and secured a spot. She is now the first Mac sister to make it into the top 10 as her sister was evicted from the show as the top 11. Victory Bakara impressed the judges with an excellent solo performance of Tuface’s “No Shaking” and made it to the top 10.

Ose Daniel performed Adekunle Gold’s hit song, “Catch Me If You Can”. Simi favoured him, but Dbanj and Obi were unsure about his place in the competition. After deliberation, the judges decided to give him a chance. They included him in the top 10. 23-year-old Blossom wowed the judges with her rendition of Lizzo’s “About That Time” during her solo audition, earning her a place in the top 10.

Abraham met the judges after performing Chris Brown’s hit song “Under the Influence”, and secured the 7th spot. Reigny gave her best during the solo audition, performing “Karma” by Summer Walker, and earned her place in the top 10. She was ecstatic with the result. Quest impressed the judges with her rendition of “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus and secured a spot among the top 10 contenders for the live show.

The battle for the final spot came down to Chisom and Smart Lily. Last season, 22-year-old Chisom experienced disappointment when he didn’t advance during the final Theatre Week round. Determined to do better in Season 8, he performed Sam Smith’s “Unholy” and showed the judges he had what they were looking for. With only one slot remaining, the judges faced a difficult decision. Ultimately, Chisom secured the last spot in the top 10 for Nigerian Idol Season 8.

The top 10 contestants who have earned their place in the live show through talent, perseverance, and sheer determination are Savvy Henry, Constance, Precious Mac, Victory, Ose Daniel, Blossom, Abraham, Quest, Chisom, and Goodness.

Congratulations to the top 10! It’s not easy. The live shows will begin on Sunday, May 28, and it will be up to the audience to decide who makes it to each week of the competition and who eventually becomes the Nigerian Idol.

Season 8 broadcasts on all Africa Magic Channels – Showcase, Urban, and Family. The excitement reaches new heights with a dedicated Nigerian Idol pop-up channel (DStv ch. 199). Fans can enjoy exclusive “behind-the-stage” conversations and catch up on all the auditions.

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