Nigeria’s Political Leaders Deserve To Visit Psychiatric –Niyi Akintola

A Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Niyi Akintola (SAN) has declared that the Nigeria leaders especially political office holders deserve to visit psychiatric hospital for brain check due to the way they are running the affairs of the country.

He also said while other countries of the world are facing disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, typhoon and others, Nigeria’s disaster is leadership crisis

Akintola made the declaration on Tuesday while delivering a lecture at an Independence Day Conference of Progressives, titled: “Psuedo Progressivism; Contemporary Political Malady In Nigeria With Focus On Tracing The Development Of Western Nigeria In Pre-Independence And Post-Independence Era” organised by Progressive Network (PRONET).

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Akintola, a governorship aspirant of All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oyo State said the way most of the Nigerians politician are running the affairs of the country, they deserve to visit psychiatric hospital.

According to him, “I just came back from South Korea for a conference, at the conference, the President of the country mentioned Nigeria as one of the countries that made them attain their present feat.

“Looking back at our country, I was seriously annoyed, angry with our leaders considering the level of development in South Korea compare to the present condition of the country, the level of poverty and unemployment is very alarming.

“Our leaders only concern about their children and families. How can we discribe a situation where 25 years child of politicians having millions of naira in bank account while elderly person is struggling to get his monthly salaries.

“South Korea was far behind us in the 60’s but now they are one of the leading countries in the world in the area of manufacturing, communications and their economy.

“The present structure we are operating in Nigeria does not allow for development to thrive, they don’t put round peg in a round hole in terms of appointment and others”.

Speaking on the topic of the Conference, the legal luminary said most of people calling themselves progressives are only deceiving the masses to ascend political office.

According to him, “most of the politians calling themselves progressive are just deceiving the masses to get to power, immediately they got to the office they turn to monsters.

“Progressive should be principled, though it is tough but you have to endure and it would pay at the end of it all. Anyone who is moving from one political party to another is not a progressive.

“Progressive is not about money but is all about name, discipline, principle and integrity. In true progressivism, the party members would contribute for candidate, not that candidate would start sharing money to party members to attain political office.

“In progressive you earn position not that you buy your way. A situation where someone would join the party in July and got ticket in September is not progressive and that’s why APC lost in Oyo State in 2019 governorship election.

Also speaking at the conference, Festus Adedayo said there is need for Nigeria as a nation to rediscover itself.

He maintained that there is need for true progressives irrespective of political affiliation to come together so that South West Geo-Political Zone can regain its lost past glory.

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