NNPP ‘ll Work On APC Failure To Develop Nigeria Come 2027 – Ajadi

A Chieftain of the New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP), Ambassador Olufemi Ajadi Oguntoyinbo has said that the failure of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians will open the door for the NNPP in 2027.

Ajadi who was speaking on Tuesday on the heel of the NNPP victory in the two State Assembly elections’ rerun conducted last Saturday in Kano said NNPP is working very hard and will win the 2027 Presidential election.

It could be recalled that the NNPP was declared the winner of the rerun elections in two out of the three state constituencies of Kano State last Saturday.

The state constituencies were Kura/Garun Malam and Rimingado/Tofa.

Ajadi said Nigerians are disappointed with the manner the APC is ruling the country, saying an average Nigerian is waiting patiently for 2027 to remove APC from power.

He said the APC failure to develop Nigeria and the high level of corruption being unveiled at the federal level will buoyed the chances of NNPP in 2027.

Ajadi urged APC members to prepare for a paradigm shift towards NNPP, outlining key points emphasizing the need for a real change and a fresh approach to governance.

He stressed that the APC has failed the nation calling for an urgency of tackling challenges such as unreliable electricity, inadequate medical facilities, and prevailing hunger.

“It is not just about political power but addressing fundamental challenges confronting the country, which the APC have not been able to confront frontally”, he said.

Expressing concern over Nigeria’s economy, Ambassador Ajadi labeled it a national embarrassment.

He urged APC members to consider shifting towards NNPP for a fresh approach to governance, emphasizing the party’s dedication to resolving crucial issues such as electricity, healthcare, and hunger.

Highlighting the soaring cost of living, particularly citing the exorbitant price of a bag of rice at N72,000 , Ambassador Ajadi described it as unreasonable, especially when contrasted with the unrealistic minimum wage promised to Nigerians—a sentiment echoed by the Nigerian Labour Congress.

He criticized the proposed N200,000 minimum wage, saying it’s not in consonance with the current economic realities , emphasizing that the socio-economic challenges facing the nation have intensified since the proposal was made.

He dismissed the recent Minimum Wage Committee inaugurated by Vice President Kashim Shettima describing it as a mere political maneuver, asserting that negotiations under present economic conditions are bound to fail.

Ambassador Ajadi highlighted the dynamic nature of economic realities, asserting that the devaluation of the Naira since the initial proposal renders the promised N200,000 minimum wage unreasonable.

He declared that the APC’s failure to foster development in Nigeria will lead to NNPP securing victory in all northern states during the 2027 general election.

He said many Nigerians are now expressing faith in NNPP’s manifesto, predicting the NNPP’s takeover in the 2027 election

“In a visionary move set for 2027, NNPP is gearing up to confront a myriad of challenges, ushering in a new era of progress and transformation. Key focuses include combating corruption, fostering national unity amid ethnic tensions, and addressing infrastructure deficiencies.

“The party’s comprehensive plan also targets education reform, security concerns, environmental issues, youth unemployment, healthcare, agricultural reforms, and bridging the digital divide.

“NNPP aims to build a resilient and progressive nation by promoting transparency, inclusivity, and sustainable development.

“NNPP, steadily gaining momentum, is expected to leverage on this opportunity to strengthen its position in the political arena. The party’s leadership is going to intensify efforts to attract prominent figures from other political affiliations, capitalizing on the discontent and desire for change”, Ajadi said.

He said that as the political landscape evolves, all eyes will be on NNPP and its ability to build a coalition challenging the established order.

With the 2027 elections approaching , the stage is set for a transformative period in Nigerian politics as parties seek the support of a population hungry for positive change.


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