Of Makinde, And APC Victory In Oyo

By Ajibola Joseph

After the Saturday’s presidential/National Assembly election, the fogs are gradually clearing from the atmosphere. The losers and winners are coming to terms with reality. The moments of wild frenzy, and flexing of muscles have subsided. The period when politicians ride roughshod has come and gone.

But what is certain and likely to last longer with us is the lesson learnt from the results of the election.

In Oyo state, the people can see clearly now going by the results of the election as announced by the electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC ). They can at least see beyond the ridges of their noses.

The opposition party in the state, the All Progressive Congress (APC) came with a sweeping victory, clearing all the three senatorial districts and majority of the 14 House of Representatives seats in the state. Out of the 14 seats, People’s Democratic Party ( PDP) has four, the All Progressive Congress (APC) eight, while the remaining two seats were declared inconclusive.

As the people illuminate on the result of the election and its implications, one major factor responsible for the victory of the APC in Oyo state is the courageous acts of Governor Seyi Makinde.. This is considered to have had a major impact on the victory recorded by the APC.

Governor Makinde’s bravery and ability to stand for justice, fairness and equity spoke volume. Many Nigerians applauded this rear quality as genuine spirit of true statesman. Makinde remains the only governor in the South West who refused to let his political affiliation negate the interest of the region he indigenously hails from.

On many occasions, Governor Makinde reiterated his avowed commitment to stand by the people by electing never to subject his people to slavery.

According to him, the accord of the southern governors’ meeting at Asaba, Delta state he stands. He even quoted the northern governors who met and agreed that power should shift to the south as a reference point.

Unlike some Nigerian politicians, whose hirelings, lust and obsessive greed prevent them to seek the good of the society, governor Makinde has toed the right path.

Though, he was vilified, harangued and subjected to intense pressure to support the aspirations of Atiku, governor Makinde maintained his calm, refusing to be distracted from pursuing what will bring long term benefits for the people of Oyo state in the next political dispensation and beyond.

Should another Fulani man from the north continues as president after eight years administration of President Mohammadu Buhari, what advantage will Oyo state gain? A yoruba adage says ” teni teni, ti akisa ni a tan”. Meaning that what is yours is yours, rag belongs to the dump.

Reminiscent of the last Saturday poll results in Oyo state, the victory of Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu in Oyo state, is a combination of the ground work of governor Makinde who loves and prioritizes the Southwest region over his political affiliation.

Governor Makinde is a politician worth celebrating; he is someone who lends a voice to the voiceless; who saw evil and refused to shroud it in shawls of lies; he stood for the truth and delivered his state for his kinsman in spite of their political differences.

Another point to note is that even though what Seyi Makinde did may be considered anti-party by some individuals who see vaguely, it will also be advantageous to the state, as it will make the state connect with the federal government. It will also enhance symbiotic relationship between the two federating units.

Tinubu, a benevolent leader, and democrat must by now have known who are true supporters and friends, those who believe in a united Nigeria and real ‘omoluabi’ ethos. Tinubu should let the world know that he appreciates Governor Seyi Makinde’s courageous acts by giving him a sense of belonging in his government notwithstanding their political differences.

The integrity and passion displayed by Governor Makinde towards ensuring the fulfilment of the agreement of rotation of power to the south remains commendable. Even, if we look at Makinde and what other four Governors are agitating for, it is still centered around equity, fairness and justice which Seyi Makinde stands for. This implies that based on his unique leadership style, he would still have committed to the shifting of power to the South which he signed, no doubt about that.

The results of the election show that Tinubu of the APC won in the state massively with 449,884 votes, defeating Atiku of PDP who got 182,977 votes. Govermor Makinde delivered all the 33 Local Governments to Tinubu. He ensured that he fulfilled the agreements of power shift vigorously.

With this development, there’s no doubt that the government of Seyi Makinde of PDP would have harmonious and good working relationship with the federal government which would be led by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu of the APC, which would be of great benefit to Oyo State.

Once again, many political pundits may see the act of Makinde as anti-party activity. May we remind them that the act of patriotism towards the survival of Nigeria, which Makinde has exhibited surpasses any other thing, including political activities.

Since Governor Makinde didn’t see working strategically for APC to ensure its victory at the presidential polls as anti-party, APC should not see it as an act of anti-party to reward a gallantry act for the development of Oyo State and South West.

A leader of such a great integrity like Seyi Makinde should be celebrated in Nigeria. He should be regarded as the man of the moment.

Ajibola Joseph writes from Lekki, Lagos State.


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