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Onga Rescues Consumers Homes in New Campaign

The Yoruba adage, olobe lo l’oko (the best cook among rival wives has the ears/mind of the husband) sums up the import and essence of the new Onga seasoning television commercials  (TVCs) currently running on all major TV networks both on cable and terrestrial platforms across West Africa.
The TV commercial which comes in 30 seconds and 45 seconds narratives tells the simple, but intriguing story of a lovely home whose peace, love and togetherness is being threatened by a seeming eroding joy of eating ‘routinely prepared meal’ together on the same table. However, Onga seasoning from the stables of Promasidor Nigeria Limited comes to the rescue.
In a fast moving world where proactive products and brands are expected to be improving the quality of lives for consumers and add value to their monies worth, the TVC under review shows that meals that hitherto have become routine and taken for granted, can be brought alive by the Onga brand, through its four variants; Classic, Chicken, Stew and Soup.
The scenario painted above best explains the desperate and pathetic predicament of the woman in the new Onga TVC. She’s definitely not a bad cook. However, like most housewives of her clime, she seems hooked on the routine and limited choices of conservative seasoning brands in preparing her meals.  She’s yet to try the efficacy of the new and improved, innovative and proactive seasoning in town – Onga.
Unfortunately for her, her husband and kids desire something more exciting from their kitchen, given to possible exposures from outside. 
Soon enough, the joy of sharing meals at dinner as a family began to erode. During meals, her children’s mood change. They are no longer happy with their mum’s cooking and they show this by wearing sad and long faces at meals. The husband is even more brazen about the development. Once he approaches dinner table and sees the children moody and forlorn faces, stylishly avoids his wife’s food by taking the kids out. And off they go leaving the wearied, poor housewife confused, dejected and frustrated.
This has become the routine at the family’s dinner table until that fateful day when, soon after her husband and kids abandoned her and her food, the TV set beamed a TVC that sends rays of light into her life to illuminate her path. 
In the TVC, Kate Henshaw-Nuttal, Onga’s brand ambassador who is sandwiched by bubbly and happy-go-merry housewives across different ethnic groups, attesting to the cross ethnic use &  appeal of the brand,  addresses the frustrated housewife: “Like these women, you too can be successful in the kitchen and it’s due to one thing…” And the excited housewives chorused with her: “Onga seasoning!!!”).
In the narrative that follows, she’s taken through the process of seasoning her meals with Onga, the right way! Added to this, she’s presented with a variety of Onga seasoning variants (Classic, Chicken, Stew and Soup). With her newly acquired knowledge, she quickly prepared a delicious dinner, which did not only impress her loving husband, but made her son exclaim: “Delicious!” and blew her a thank-you-mum kiss across the dinner table. This is what they have indeed been looking forward to.
Once again, peace, love and togetherness returned to her family. All thanks to Onga, and in her words: “Onga is my cooking guaranteed!”
It is pertinent to note that the new Onga campaign is coming at an auspicious time when Nigeria is witnessing a reassuring rebirth in all aspects of her national life. The timely activation of the campaign is also auspicious in that it did not only ushered in and flavoured the recent Muslim Ramadan and Eid Fitri festival, the campaign also bind women across all ethnic group together with our food, which is a fundamental part of our heritage.
With the ongoing campaign, Onga is set to bring the light to consumers’ homes, families and meals.


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