Nigeria: One Country, Wasted Visions

​Expectedly, ‘Vision 2010’ went the way it came! Then entered ‘Vision 20:2020’! Again, this is Year 2020, which means this ‘Vision’ is also dead and, its carcass, interred! But, like a nation in search of hope, a new effort, tagged ‘The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ is now on the plate, with 17 objective goals to aspire to! Will Nigeria get it right this time? Or, is it yet another trip to crass bureaucratic exercises, aimed at stealing Nigeria’s resources dry, robbing it of development and making it sicker? Anyway, one can only hope that ‘The 2030 Agenda’ would, this time, go beyond another government policy statement in writing, signifying nothing, especially, after the taxpayers’ money will have been spent to pay per diem, to talk and to drink tea, on the road to 2030.

As Emir Sanusi Becomes History!

Emir Sanusi may be gone! However, the seed of the destruction of the feudal system in the Northern part of Nigeria has been sown. In other words, we have not heard the last of Sanusi, the deposed 14th Emir of Kano. The questions now are: what manner of man is Sanusi’s replacement, or the newly-installed Emir? Will he tolerate the beating of women? Will he promote the abuse of children and early marriage for the girl child? Will he encourage almajiri to grow exponentially? Or will the new Emir embrace the status quo?