Oyetola At 69!

By abiodun KOMOLAFE

A man represents different things to different people. It’s like a mirror in the sun, reflecting different parts of humanity, which depends on who is looking at it, and what part of life we met him. It boils down to human behavioural patterns and factors responsible for them. Unfortunately, the outcome becomes a political fortune or liability, depending on which side of the divide the individual or group of people belongs.

In fairness to Adegboyega Isiaka Oyetola, former Governor of Osun State, now Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, who turned 69 on September 29, 2023, he cannot respond to all national requests or the barrage of requests coming at him. The truth is: Oyetola is not (the) government but just an individual. So, those who feel their requests are not attended to must learn to be patient. As his duties demand, he will surely do the best that his office allows in accordance with the rules of political engagement.

Political exigencies demand that a man must be cunny, cheerful and, above all, courageous. Of course, these are some of Oyetola’s daily issues; and, now that the man has clocked 69, we can only wish him the best!

Congratulations to IleriOluwa at 69!

May the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world, grant us peace in Nigeria!

*Komolafe wrote in from Ijebu-Jesa, Osun State, Nigeria ([email protected])


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