Party Restructuring: Labour Party Group Canvasses Congress To Usher New Leadership

In order to reposition the Labour Party (LP) ahead of 2027, a group within the party, Labour Party Patriotic Members Congress (LPPMC) has called on the national leadership of the party to immediately organise congresses at the various levels to usher in new leadership

This was disclosed by thr LPPMC National Spokesperson, Dexter Femi Akin-Alamu during press conference in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital on Thursday.

Akin-Alamu who flanked with the South West coordinator of the group, Mr. Folu Bademosi noted that this group was committed to the vision and mission of the party.

He however called on the leadership of the party to immediately organise national, state, local and ward congresses.

Akin-Alamu who said that the group was not satisfy with the recent ruling of the Supreme Court, insisted that the group believed in a brighter future for Nigeria.

“The recent Supreme Court ruling on the February presidential elections in Nigeria has left many questioning the delivery of justice. While we, the LPPMC strongly disagree with the court’s decision and believe that justice has not been served to the good people of Nigeria, we acknowledge the supremacy of the constitution and respect the final say of the Supreme Court in such matters.

“We will continue to engage with the democratic process, upholding the principles of the rule of law and the constitution.

“LPPMC is totally committed to the vision and mission of Labour Party and unite in a collective call for a transformative and inclusive democratic process within our beloved Labour Party. Over the past two years, our party has experienced a significant surge in membership as individuals across the nation joined in the common desire to shape a new Nigeria.

“However, as we engage with the leaders at the national, state, local and ward levels, it has become apparent that not all share the same vision for a new Nigeria that many of the members passionately advocate for.

“In the sprit of true democracy and representation, we believe it is imperative for the Labour Party to undergo a comprehensive democratic congress at all levels- national, state, local government and ward.

“The congress will provide an opportunity for both new and longstanding members to actively participate in selecting leaders who align with the aspirations of a new Nigeria.

“LPPMC is therefore requesting the present leadership of the Labour Party to immediately call the following, National congress, State congress, Local Government congress, Ward congress”.


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