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Paul Okoye to Men: ‘Make Money, Marry Rich Ladies’

Singer, Paul Okoye, also known as Rudeboy, a member of the popular music duo PSquare, has advised men to prioritize financial success and then seek out wealthy women as partners. 

He expressed concern over the increasing expectation for men to be financially stable before entering relationships or marriage. 

The singer encouraged men who are currently struggling financially to aim for a reversal of fortunes by marrying rich women once they achieve financial success. 

However, he also emphasized the importance of financial independence for everyone, regardless of gender.

Rudeboy made this known in a post on his Instagram account, “The rate at which they keep saying men must be this financially, money bla bla bla before getting married or into relationship is alarming.

“Dear kings, change the narrative, chase money, make money and look for a rich girl. Make everybody go hustle.”


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