Paul Pogba Denies Retirement Rumour

French midfielder Paul Pogba has denied rumours of his retirement, asserting his commitment to continue his football career.

The former Manchester United star, who has faced recent challenges, including injuries and a doping controversy, spoke out to clarify his position and future intentions.

In an interview with Sky Sport on Tuesday, Pogba declared, “I’m still a football player. Don’t look at that stuff saying I’m retiring, I’m finished… I wanna fight for my career, I’m optimistic.”

The statement comes as a direct response to speculation about his potential early retirement from professional football.

Pogba, known for his dynamic playing style and significant impact on the field, emphasised his ongoing dedication to the sport.

“I’m not finished. I’m training hard! I’m still 100% footballer,” he stated, noting his determination to return to top form.

The 31-year-old midfielder, currently signed with Juventus, expressed his eagerness to return to competitive action.

“I can’t wait to return on the pitch,” Pogba told Sky Sport.


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