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Pawpaw Reveals Why He Considered Suicide At Age 9

Veteran Nollywood actor, Chinedu Ikedieze, popularly known as Pawpaw, has disclosed he considered suicide at the age of 9.

Pawpaw, who was one of the iconic Aki and Pawpaw duo revealed that he wanted to commit suicide because he was bullied for his stunted growth.

He was recently a guest star in the popular With Chude Podcast hosted by Chude Jideonwo where he recalled his struggle with accepting his condition at nine years old.

The star of the big screen revealed that there was a point when the thought of jumping off the Third Mainland Bridge entered his mind.

This was brought on by bullying that sent him spiraling into sadness.

The series of attacks on his person were carried out by his peers at the time, and even adults.

He said, “While they were throwing all those tantrums I cried several times, it got bad o and there were times that I thought of ending it all. Thank God I didn’t o.”

The veteran narrated that he was officially diagnosed by the family’s medical doctor at age nine after it was observed that he was not growing like his peers were.

The actor mentioned that after hearing his diagnosis, he picked up a dictionary to find the meaning of the word ‘retardation’ and how to pronounce it.

“I remember the doctor speaking to my mother and then telling me ‘What you have is stunted growth, I saw another word, ‘growth retardation’, I was looking for the meaning of the word but first of all how to pronounce it,” he said.

The actor, however, expressed his gratitude to God for seeing him through the depressive episode.


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