Politics Is Dangerous And Unreliable –Chief Audu Ogbe

Nigeria’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Chief Audu Ogbeh while delivering his speech at the Ogun State 3rd Investors’ Forum described politics as the most dangerous profession on earth, saying that it is as an illusionist terrain.

He appeals to youths to embrace agriculture rather than being obsessed with politics, which he described as attractive and seductive.

“We need to ask ourselves these fundamental questions: Are we farming? Are we investing? If we are, why are we still importing? If we are not, what are the reasons? We have to invite younger people into this sector, but are the youths interested in coming? Is agriculture as sexy as ICT or the movie industry? Or even as attractive and seductive as the illusionist terrain called politics, which is dangerous and unreliable.

“I got into politics fairly early in life. A long time ago, and I can tell you that of all the dangerous professions on earth, there is nothing like it. You can hardly predict anything. Your election promises are hopes which you cannot be sure of fulfilling because you do not know what the economy will be like when you get into office, and the public holds you to your world. It’s a tough terrain.”

Credit: TheWillMagazine


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