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“Portable Physically Assaulted Me, Turned Me Into Car Washer” – Young Duu

Young Duu, the former signee of controversial singer, Portable, has claimed that the Zeh nation boss assaulted him and turned him into a car washer.

He further claimed that during his time with his record label, Portable had physically abused him on several occasions.

This accusation from Young Duu comes after his former boss, Portable made claims that he betrayed him after helping him become famous.

Portable had cautioned Young Duu from cutting the ladder he used to reach his achievement because he could require it in the future.

In response to the claims made by his previous employer, Young Duu insisted that he didn’t cut any “ladder” and emphasized that he left Zeh Nation in pursuit of achievement.

Young Duu said this during an Instagram Live session with his fans.

Young Duu said, “I did not break any ladder. For those people that know me, I did not break any ladder. The ladder is still strong there. The person that owns the ladder said I should cut the ladder but I refused. Now, he’s saying I’m the one who wants to break the ladder.

“I did not break any ladder. I’m not backstabbing Portable. I’m out for success. I don’t think I did anybody bad. I left Zeh Nation for success. It’s just a help that Portable gave me.

“For how long? Na now una know say… Bro, no whine me o! Make we just forget about all these things. I don’t have much things to say online…Make una [Netizens] know wetin una dey tok. When I dey wash cars, when I dey suffer, when dem dey beat me, when dem dey slap me, when dem dey hit me, where una dey that time?”


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