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Prophet Who Predicted Davido’ Son’s Death, Says ‘More Danger Ahead’ +Video

Popular Nigerian music star David Adeleke better known as Davido has again been warned against a future danger by the prophet who predicted the death of his son on January 7th, 2022.

The prophet simply identified as Samuel King had in a prophecy he shared on January 7, 2022, asked Davido and his family to pray against evil occurrences, including the death of his son, Ifeanyi Adeleke.

King shared the prophecy in a Facebook post.

“PRAY FOR DAVID ADELEKE aka Davido. In a vision, I saw 2022 with so many opportunities for him, rewards, and awards! This is the biggest year for him even until 2023! But let’s pray Against any arrow of death ESPECIALLY against his son! Any close loved ones. God revealed to me that it will happen if prayers are not MADE. I see T and Y as a very significant clue to this prophecy as well,” the prophet wrote.

The 3-year-old Ifeanyi Adeleke died on Monday, about 11 days after he celebrated his third birthday.

According to reports, Ifeanyi was said to have drowned in a swimming pool at his father’s house in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos on Monday and was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival.

In his reaction, Prophet King commiserated with Adeleke’s family in a video he shared via his Facebook page on Tuesday.

He recalled his prophecy and further warned that “there is something he (Davido) needs to know” to avert other dangers ahead of him.

According to King, he made efforts to reach the Adelekes after his prophecy without success because “I’m not among the so-called names of the big men of God in Nigeria who probably can speak to some celebrities.”

GLOBAL ACCURATE PROPHECY CONFIRMED| 🌏 🔥 Davido‘s Son has died , fulfilling the prophecy given in 7th of JANUARY 2022 by the PROPHET ,with a call of warning to pray for his son! More highlights will still be given towards this PROPHECY as there are hidden CLUES that needs to be shared in prayers only with the family of David Adeleke and His family! Here’s PROPHECY link – Breaking news 📰 headlines -

Posted by Prophet Samuel King Ministries on Tuesday, November 1, 2022

His words: “My name is prophet Samuel King, this is a message to make more highlights on the prophecy that was given to Davido on the 7th of January through my Facebook account. And before I would like to continue, I’d like to send my condolence message to the family of David Adeleke, who just lost his son Ifeanyi.

“I’m not here to show that I’m the best prophet on earth, which is one of the things I would like to emphasize in my prophecy highlight. When I gave this prophecy on the 7th of January, I tried to make some moves but of course, I am not among the so-called names of the big men of God in Nigeria who probably can speak to some celebrities, and if I had spoken, I would have been called one of the hungry prophets looking for fame or trying to look for money.

“You know, in our days now, God is speaking but people have underrated and underestimated the word of God, so prophets are being abused because of a whole lot of things, misconceptions about spirituality, faith, and prophetic.

“I had to keep my distance from trying to push because who would believe me if I had said this was going to happen? And if you read that prophecy very clearly, it said there are two clues. two have already been fulfilled.

“The first is the death of Davido’s son and there were two clues, T and Y. The T stands for Thursday and if you see all that is happening right now, it just happened after the birthday of Davido’s son which happened on Thursday the 20th, so that cannot be a coincidence.

“The last clue, which is Y is something I will not post, I’m not going to say online. I would like to pass this message to Davido and his family.”

King stressed, “There is something he needs to know. I’m not out to get fame and I’m not meant to share this in public. I did three days of fasting in obedience to instruct the prophetic word that was given to me on the 7th of January.

“I received that word seven days before (January) 7th, which was the night after the crossover night. And I was scared to post it because I needed confirmation and I heard it like three times.

“Davido, I know this is a hard time right now for you and your wife-to-be, Chioma. I know that (are) a lot of clouds and people around you, but I’d like you to hold yourself very strongly and try to be in a place of prayer because the enemy is not happy about a lot of things that are happening in your life.

“I’ll try my best to see how to reach out to the family and give you the last clue and tell you how you should pray about this.

“2023 is another big year but let it not be a mirror reflection of what has happened today. May the soul of your son rest in perfect peace. Now you will go to meet him, he will not come to meet you. 



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