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Questions Showmax’s Original Series, Flawsome, Has Got Us Asking

Showmax’s original series, Flawsome, debuted three months ago and introduced us to four leading ladies, Dolapo, Ramat, Ifeyinwa and Ivie, whose professional and personal lives mirrored some of our realities.

The 13-part series revolves around the lives of four friends, portrayed by Enado Odigie, Ini Dima-Okojie, Bisola Aiyeola, and Sharon Ooja as they navigate their personal and professional lives, bound by the flawed yet unbreakable ties they share.

Their individual stories gave us drama, laughter, and highs and lows. It has been a few weeks of rollercoaster emotions, but beyond all that drama, the series highlighted the importance of friendship and has us asking some essential questions.

First of all, where can we find friends like Dolapo? This boss babe has money, power and connections to help her family and friends from the deepest ditch. She is the go-to plug for any problem and the best person to have as your emergency contact. We still remember when she gave Ivie two million Naira. Everyone needs a Dolapo in their circle, and if you haven’t got one, please join our train. We are on our way to finding one.

Moving to relationships, we do not know what to make of the situationship between Ivie and Tersei, the same way we usually don’t know what to make of certain relationships in our realities. How do you define a relationship with no romantic boundaries or labels for what you are towards each other? It’s more complicated than an algebra question!

Another thing we love about the series is that it touches on one of the biggest questions we hope to get answers to – is cheating forgivable? Ramat had a beautiful marriage and a supportive husband. They had many romantic moments that made us blush, but they weren’t perfect.

While there is no concrete explanation for Uduak hiding his reproductive condition and acting shady with her, was it reason enough for Ramat to have a fling with another man? We understood her frustration as we were on the journey with her, but it is hard to excuse her “friendship” with Godpower.

What do we make of this dilemma?

Moving on to our last question, how long is it okay to keep blaming one’s parents for “mummy and daddy issues”?

Parents form a big part of our lives, and Ifeyinwa had always battled with hers, even the one in the grave. As true Ifeyinwa FC, we believe her issues with her folks might have contributed to her commitment issues but the big question is how long is okay to keep holding onto these issues? Or is it just a facade for her commitment issues?

These ladies’ lives have so much drama, and the best part is they are always there for each other through everything. The biggest question of all from this fantastic first season of Flawsome is – where can we get a friend group as amazing as these girls have? If anyone finds that group, please sign us up!

Meanwhile, if you are yet to see Flawsome, enjoy drama, friendship, and sisterhood on the awesome Flawsome. Binge-watch all 13-parts exclusively on


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