Reminder! God Does Not Need A Personal Assistant

By Motunrayo Alaka

There are many times we think of God as an overburdened Chief Executive Officer. We imagine that His workload has now become too much and He needs assistance to make things run smoothly and keep tasks from falling through the cracks. We believe our problems are now so much that God would need help to handle them.

In Isaiah 44:24, the children of Israel were in such a state. Their problems overwhelmed them so they assumed God must have been dying under the burden of their many requests alongside His primary duty of running the world. Before they went too far God sent them a reminder – Hey guys! Take a look at my resume again. I am the Lord, I made all things all by myself. I made the heaven and earth alone.

Yes, the creation of heaven and earth was a lone project. It was all God. There were no artisans. No project managers. No co-labourers. No personal assistants. The creation of light…the separation of light from darkness…the creation of the galaxies… How various plants in the world’s vegetation came to be…the animals…the aquatic species, humans beings and much more, were all God’s doing.

It is usual for God to introduce Himself as the creator of the heaven and earth. My guess is that it is because human beings seem to be quick to forget that fundamental truth. When life throws us a curveball, our mind gets to work quickly. We want to solve our problems by ourselves, in our way, fast. In Job 38:4-6, God made an elaborate explanation of what it took to create heaven and earth with questions he posed to Job when the latter was going through daunting trials:

“Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth? 
Tell Me, if you have understanding. 
Who determined its measurements? 
Surely you know! 
Or who stretched the line upon it? To what were its foundations fastened? 
Or who laid its cornerstone?” 

Truly, life gets overwhelming every now and then. Our challenges seem so frightening – they seem larger than life. To make matters worse, it sometimes does feel like forever to get answers to prayers. Understanding that others around us also have similar problems makes us think God’s table must be so full and that he must need assistance.

Just before you settle for the self help that is likely to make matters worse, remember that the creation of heaven and earth – the most extensive project done in the history of life, was handled in six days by God alone. If God completed such a massive project in record time, yours is but a small thing.

May your month of June thoroughly blessed.

The Encourager

Motunrayo Alaka


Bible Inspired Thoughts (BITs) are inspirations/revelations I get from pondering on the word of God. They are thoughts that encourage/rebuke/correct/instruct me. I have a mandate to share for the benefit of others.


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