Revealed: Top 10 African Richest Men

In the ever-evolving landscape of African wealth, a significant shift has occurred in recent times, reshaping the list of the continent’s wealthiest individuals. 

The revelation of the Top 10 Richest Men in Africa comes with a surprising twist as the longstanding kingpin, Aliko Dangote, finds himself dethroned from the summit of financial supremacy. 

This article delves into the profiles of the new wealth titans who have ascended to the pinnacle of affluence in Africa.

South African business mogul, Johann Rupert, has dethroned Nigerian Aliko Dangote to emerge as Africa’s wealthiest man, according to a list released by Forbes Magazine.

Here is a list of Africa’s richest men (Rank, Name and Net worth)

Let’s delve into the detailed profiles of Africa’s wealthiest men, providing insights into their backgrounds, business ventures, and the factors contributing to their notable net worth.

1. Johann Rupert & Family 

Net worth: $10.3 billion

 Johann Rupert, a South African business magnate, is the Chairman of Richemont, a luxury goods company. His family’s net worth of $10.3 billion is primarily derived from their interests in high-end brands like Cartier, Montblanc, and Van Cleef & Arpels.

2. Aliko Dangote 

Netwoth: $9.5 billion

A household name in Nigeria, Aliko Dangote is an industrialist and the founder of the Dangote Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Africa. His wealth, estimated at $9.5 billion, comes from diverse sectors including cement, sugar, and commodities.

3. Nicky Oppenheimer & Family 

Net worth: $8.3 billion

Nicky Oppenheimer, part of the renowned Oppenheimer family in South Africa, is associated with the diamond mining industry. Their net worth of $8.3 billion is largely attributed to their interests in De Beers, one of the world’s leading diamond companies.

4. Nassef Sawiris 

Net worth: $7.4 billion

Nassef Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, is the CEO of Orascom Construction Industries. His wealth of $7.4 billion is derived from investments in construction, chemicals, and various industries, establishing him as a key player in the Egyptian business landscape.

5. Abdulsamad Rabiu 

Netwoth: $5.9 billion

Abdulsamad Rabiu, a Nigerian businessman, is the founder of BUA Group. His diversified interests in cement, sugar, and real estate contribute to his net worth of $5.9 billion, establishing him as a significant player in Nigeria’s business sector.

6. Nathan Kirsh 

Net worth: $5.8 billion

 Nathan Kirsh, a South African businessman and philanthropist, has accumulated his $5.8 billion net worth through investments in real estate, retail, and industries. His business acumen has made him a prominent figure in the global business community.

7. Issad Rebrab & Family 

Net worth: $4.6 billion

Issad Rebrab, an Algerian businessman, is the founder of Cevital, one of Africa’s largest conglomerates. With interests in agribusiness, retail, and industry, his family’s net worth of $4.6 billion solidifies their position as key players in Algeria’s economic landscape.

8. Mohamed Mansour 

Net worth: $3.6 billion

 Mohamed Mansour, an Egyptian businessman, is part of the Mansour Group, a conglomerate with diverse interests in sectors such as automotive, retail, and energy. His family’s net worth of $3.6 billion reflects their significant contributions to Egypt’s business sector.

9. Naguib Sawiris 

Net worth: $3.3 billion

Naguib Sawiris, an Egyptian billionaire, is the founder of Orascom Telecom Holding. His wealth of $3.3 billion is primarily attributed to his ventures in the telecommunications industry, establishing him as a major player in the sector.

10. Mike Adenuga 

Net worth: $3.1 billion

Mike Adenuga, a Nigerian businessman, is the founder of Globacom, one of Nigeria’s leading telecommunications companies. His diversified interests in oil and real estate contribute to his net worth of $3.1 billion, making him one of Nigeria’s wealthiest individuals.


These top African billionaires showcase the continent’s economic diversity and the myriad opportunities available across various industries. From mining to telecommunications, each individual’s success story contributes to Africa’s dynamic business landscape, inspiring future generations of entrepreneurs and investors.


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