S.A Youths, Bolarinwa Reiterates Call For ‘Not Too Young Run’ In Oyo

One could almost catch a glimpse of loyalty in his smile as he introduced himself as the S.A to the “good governor” of Oyo State on Youth and Sports.

Honorable Kazeem Bolarinwa, is the Special Assistant to Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State on Youth and Sports.

While it would appear that the past governors in Oyo state have been good in their own way, Hon. Kazeem holds no resentment against this notion.

He, however, believes Governor Seyi Makinde is the best governor Oyo state has ever had.

According to him, “irrespective of how our past governors have been, there is a room for them to be better. And the better version of all the governors we have had in Oyo State is Governor Seyi Makinde.

“I was not surprised that Oyo state, being a pace setter, is leading in the aspect of youth participation in politics. And that was what brought someone like me into politics”.

Hon Kazeem, who is one of the vocal and strong proponents of the “not too young to run” campaign, started his educational journey in Ibadan.

He attended Morning Stars Comprehensive College and Unity school Ejigbo, Osun state and later proceeded to Ahmadu Bello University where he graduated with a First-Class in Business Administration and has a Masters in it.

On what brought him into recognition in the busy and often over-filled political realm of Oyo State, he said: “I have always been confident enough to speak the truth to power.”

According to him, he speaks with authority and would never shy away from speaking the truth because the truth will always prevail. This, in his opinion, has continue to give him an edge over other people even aside from the realm of politics.

Within a year and six months of being in office, his achievements have been numerous, ranging from organizing a robust sensitization programme for park managers on civility to being the first aide to distribute palliative during the COVID-19 lockdown to stemming the surge of incessant killing and thuggery at Moniya in Ibadan to series of campaign and sensitization in.

For him, his satisfaction lies in the fact that Governor Seyi Making is “taking good governance to the grassroots through his office as the SA to the governor on Youth and Sport.

Asked about his work experience with Seun Fakorede, the Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Oyo State, he said, “it’s been good. We have been contributing our quota unanimously to the betterment of the state.”

However, when asked how he would feel if the rumour of impending dissolution of the Cabinet by Governor Seyi Makinde fails to be in his favour, this honourable, who was full of smile, said would feel challenged but would continue to work with the administration. Although, he has achieved a lot and sometimes feels the need to step down to give room for others to come in.

Meanwhile, he believes the only thing that could take him out of his position is promotion because of the perceived confidence the governor has in him.

Asked if there is an area in government where he believes he could do better, he noted that he has been in the business of youth all his life and would always love to work in that regard.

However, as a seasoned business consultant, he believes he could perform excellently well in any other area. “Take me anywhere, I will deliver Excellence because it is a matter of what is in me,” he said.

Hon. Kazeem is not without ambition for the 2023 election. He described his ambition as one that is taller than the cocoa house. According to him, his ambition is contingent on the will of God and that of Governor Seyi Makinde.

Lending his opinion on women participation in politics, he said: “it is very good and we urge more women to come into politics.” He also pledged his support for the Youths, saying: “I have always been supporting all youths in all what they are doing so far it is legal, legit, developmental and initiative in nature.” He urged

Lastly, on his message to the youth, he urged them to possess value. According to him, “the worst asset you can possess is no value as a youth. Possess value, master it and project it to the world because any value you display in the corner of your room will die a natural death within the corners of your room.

“Project your value to the world. The person who needs the value would look for you and you would earn a living from it.” he added.


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