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Salt, Drama, And Conflict As The Real Housewives Of Lagos Heads Into Its Finale

Episode eleven of The Real Housewives of Lagos dished out romance, friendship, relaxation, and raw unfiltered conflict. The ladies had a staycation organised by Chioma Ikokwu that turned into a battleground. From apologies to revelations, this episode gave viewers everything and a little something extra!

Chioma kicked things off by introducing her partner, Eso Dike, to Iyabo Ojo and Paul O., sparking joy and curiosity; fingers crossed for this ship. Simultaneously, Toyin Lawani finally packed for her surgery, marking a three-month hiatus for rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

Laura Ikeji is pregnant! We know that, but she found out about it on this episode and she left the cutest message for her husband. However, this revelation is accompanied by the bittersweet realisation that she might postpone her wedding plans.

Chioma, at Laura’s behest, organised a staycation at Salt Beach House, a private island in Lagos to diffuse the tension that had built from previous episodes between Mariam Timmer and the ladies. Salt Beach served as the perfect backdrop for apologies seeing as Mariam apologised to Chioma for her previous comments revolving around childbirth and was remorseful for hurting Chioma’s feelings. Chioma initially refused to accept her apology and apologise to Mariam for her hurtful comments, but later relented during the games session.

Truth or Dare has never been innocent, has it? A seemingly innocent game of truth or dare turned into a battlefield as Laura and Iyabo’s old issues resurfaced. Fueled by a question during the game, ‘If there’s anybody in the group that you have issues with, are you willing to apologise?’ Iyabo attacked Laura for her “fake loyalty” to Faith Morey, accusing Laura of wanting a “gang of her own.” The conversation quickly spiralled into a fiery exchange of words and accusations.

“You are mad. You are crazy…If I don’t like you, I can bully you,” Iyabo directs her pent-up frustration at Laura, questioning the sincerity of her friendship with Faith. Laura stressed the fact that she and Faith were new friends who had only known each other for about five months. Iyabo did not like this and kept calling the friendship fake.

Who can forget “call your friend now” during Chioma’s yard sale? Iyabo said Faith did not extend the same kindness that Laura does to her; Laura responded by saying she has been nice to Iyabo but Iyabo has not been nice to her, to which Iyabo retorted that they weren’t friends. This turned into something heated leading to a shocking physical confrontation where Iyabo attempted to attack Laura as Mariam and Faith came to Laura’s defense.

As the RHOLagos season 2 hurtles towards its finale, the penultimate episode delivers on its promise of drama, drama and more drama. Don’t miss the explosive finale next week on Showmax. As you watch new episodes, you can join the conversation with the hashtag #RHOLagos.


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