Satin Bonnets, The Lady’s New Hair Trend

There are has been different sense of fashion from generation to generations. Each decades also tends to have its own fashion trend. No one can tell what’ tomorrow’s fashion trends would look like because it’s an ever changing world.

To me, anything you put-on that makes you comfortable can be called fashion. It does not necessary how much it is.

For many decades, net caps or shower caps has been what women put on whenever they want to bath or wants to go to bed most especially at night. Nobody could ever thought shower caps or net caps will now become something of fashion today and people can be comfortable wear it around just like hair wigs that was known before.

Satin bonnets has been trending in Nigeria since late last year. People are wearing it just like hair wigs.

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So, let’s take a look at satin bonnets itself.

Satin hair bonnets are a staple for protection of hair at night—especially if you’re trying to preserve your natural hairstyle. They are natural hair keeper –it absorbs essential oils and it’s used instead of net caps or shower caps.

Like a good silk pillowcase, or a trusty no-crease tie, the satin lining helps reduce friction and damage while you’re tossing and turning in your sleep.

However, there are comments on social media concerning the trend. Some see it as normal while some see it as disgusting. A social media user described wearing satin bonnets around as “so annoying.”

Here are some of the comments on Facebook.

“ehn, don’t tell me people wear this all about o! Kilode? Night cap leleyi fah! O wa disgusting really! A social media user wrote”.

“So nauseating especially in Lagos, was pissed off with the trend during Christmas”

“I can’t even put it on,I hate if”

“My hairdresser asked me to buy it that its what is in Vogue now. I just told her I am not interested. The ones I saw does not even look attractive to me”

“I wonder how their hair will not be smelling cos air won’t penetrate like hair net”

“People abused it. That’s what have been using a long time ago because I keep natural hair”

“it is better off than hairnet. It is mostly recommended for people keeping natural hair so as to seal in moisture and any other oil used on the hair. It also prevents hair breakage”

“Satin bonnet are used by natural hair keeper cos it absorbs essential oils and it’s used instead of net cap because net caps cut natural hair.
So if net caps can’t be used around especially while going to bed I see no reason why it should now turn to face cap or caps”.


Satin bonnets has different types.

The Sofia Protective Hair Wrap

This stylish hair wrap is made from 100 percent silk, durable enough to help your curls stay in place when you toss and turn.

Extra Large Satin Sleep Bonnet Cap

This satin sleep cap features two layers, so your hair is extra protected while you snooze. It is also reversible so you can wear the black or soft pink side whenever you want.


This bonnet is as much a fashion statement as it is functional—and the large size makes it a great option for anyone with extra thick or long hair. It also comes in a small and medium size too.

Pure Satin Hair Bonnet

A bestseller on Etsy, this reversible bonnet comes with a 3 month warranty and in 10 different sizes. It can be worn by everyone from newborns to adults.

Satin-Lined Sleep Cap

You can wear this satin-lined cap at night or on the go: It was specifically designed to look like a beanie, so it’s easy to cover up bad hair days and still look chic.

Satin Wide Edge Bonnet

One reviewer on gave this bonnet 5 stars, raving about how it holds all her hair in and protects her edges. “It has never slipped off while sleeping like other bonnets I have purchased in the past. I would recommend this product!” she wrote.

Satin Edge Bonnet

A reviewer on Amazon praised this option for comfortability. “I’m very sensitive to touch, and I barely feel this on. It doesn’t irritate my head at all.”

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