SDNON Felicitates With Archbishop Designate Isaac Idahosa On 32nd Anniversary

A delegation of Society of Digital Newspaper Owners of Nigeria, SDNON, on Tuesday, September 14, made a courtesy call to the home of Revered Nigerian Cleric and founder of God First Ministries Inc., a.k.a. Illumination Assembly, Archbishop Designate Dr Isaac Idahosa, to felicitate with him, on the occasion of his 32nd years in ministry anniversary, which he celebrated recently.

During his address, General Secretary of SDNON, Seunmanuel Faleye noted that 32 years in ministry, is not a pushover; particularly, when operating in a clime like Nigeria. He eulogized Dr Idahosa’s steadfastness through the years, and also for leading a life worth emulating.

“…As delegate members of Society for Digital Newspaper Owners of Nigeria, SDNON, who have over the years paid attention to activities of your ministry and her growth, we deemed it expedient to come identify with, and congratulate you at this very august moment in your time and ministry.

“Particularly commendable is the fact that you operate ministry in a country like Nigeria, with all its harsh realities. It could only have taken God and grace, to stay afloat through the years,” he submitted.

Niyi Tabiti, director of projects at SDNON, emphasized that Dr Idahosa, whom he last saw over 10 years ago, remains steadfast in his personality, underscoring that there are no airs of controversy around him. Tabiti, while lauding the managerial qualities of Dr Idahosa, like most Nigerian clerics, he noted that most clerics in Nigeria are better economists that politicians and those in governance.

Explaining further, Tabiti stated that, “…with very little and minimal resources, Nigerian clerics are able to squeeze water out of stone, by building highly functional cities, institutions of learning, self-generated power supply et al, the harsh economic realities of Nigeria, regardless. While politicians with all the state’s resources at their disposal, are still found wanting with delivering basic amenities to the people.

“It is over 10 years ago since the last time I saw you physically, and I must commend your steadfastness through the years. I can confirm that nothing has changed about your personality through the years.

“For a man of God of your repute, it is very commendable to note that you have kept your name clean and away from controversy through the years. All you have focused on through the years has been transformation of lives positively. We are proud of your good works sir, and we have come to identify with you,” Tabiti commended.

Applauding his vivacious and charismatic demeanor, Vice President of SDNON, Femi Herbert complimented the celebrated televangelist, for efforts he puts into looking both in shape and in good trim at 56.

“Sir, I must say, I am thrilled at your personality and the magnitude of Christ that you embody. Listening to you speak, it is evident that Christ dwells in you. We are glad at this new found relationship, the society now have you; and, like our amiable President, Otunba Femi Davies in absentia would wish, we hope that whenever we call on you, you’d be available for us.

“Permit me sir, to also commend how prim and proper you look for a 56year old,” he quipped.

In his appreciation, Archbishop Isaac Idahosa appreciated the leadership of SDNON, particularly the delegation that made out time, to visit him. According to the cleric, intent is the most important thing.

“Appreciation is invitation for more; I appreciate the initiative by the leadership of SDNON, particularly the delegate here today; to come commemorate with me on the occasion of my 32nd year in ministry anniversary.

“32 years in ministry means a lot to me; it takes grace. One is called and sustained by grace. Like Peter to Jesus Christ, he told his master, ‘If it be you, bid me come.’ And Jesus beckoned to him to come, yet Peter sank; before Jesus gave him a helping hand. Now, imagine, if Peter who was called could sink, how much more a man without a calling.

“Ministry is not without his challenges, there were days I felt weak, and like quitting back in the days; but not anymore. Ministry is not a bed of roses, that is why it is essential that you are called into ministry, and you have a personal encounter before going into ministry. Encounters don’t expire. When you have an encounter, it produces an experience. Your calling must be clearly defined in the place of encounter. I served six years, before going into ministry. I finished bible school in 1985, and I got saved in 1979. So, I can tell you for free that has been the essence of my journey.

“That is what you fall back on. So, I dare to say, hearing and obeying, has been the secret of my progress in ministry through the years. As a matter of fact, the meaning of my name Idahosa, means attentive to God.” the Archbishop Designate explains.

On how he manages to undertake projects God lays on his heart, even when there isn’t immediate finance for execution, he enlightened that, “If it is God’s project, then, it is budget. If it is will, then it is his will. That is why I explained that is very expedient to hear from God, before embarking on this journey; because, you will need to always go back him for instructions.”

Dr Idahosa appreciated the journalists, and commended their jobs at being the conscience of society; he also encouraged them to maintain integrity, as that is precursory to taking them to greater heights in the profession.


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