Security Challenges More Alarming, Kaduna Rice Farmers Lament

Farmers under the aegis of the Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria in Kaduna State have raised concerns over the security challenges in the state.

They said they could no longer access their farms due to the worsening insecurity in the state.

Speaking on Wednesday, Chairman of the Kaduna Chapter of the association, Alhaji Mohammed Numbu, said the security situation had forced their members to stay home for fear of being attacked by bandits.

He also disclosed that one of their members was recently abducted by bandits, noting that “up till now, his whereabouts is unknown.”

He said, “In fact, it’s unfortunate that the security challenges in the state are getting more alarming by the day. We had prayed to God that insecurity fizzled out, but it has come again in full force.

“It has instilled fears to farmers such that they can no longer venture into their farms.

“Most of our members who are about 72,000 cannot go to farm now.

“Some of us cannot sleep with our two eyes closed because these bandits are on the prowl.

“They (bandits) just go to villages and pick people at will now. Nobody knows who’s next after the bandits attack a particular village.

“One of our members was kidnapped around 1pm yesterday in Kaura, and we are yet to hear about him.”

Consequently, the RIFAN boss appealed to President Bola Tinubu to do everything humanly possible to salvage the insecurity situation not only in the state but across the country.

According to him, the state governors alone cannot handle the security challenges bedevilling their respective states.

On this note, he said, “We are calling on the Nigerian government of His Excellency, President, Bola Tinubu, to come to our rescue. In fact, the situation is beyond the control of the state government.

“The state governors are doing their best, but the situation is beyond their control.”

“We farmers are appealing that the government should come to our aides. There is hunger in this country whether we like it or not. Palliatives alone cannot solve the problem of this country.”


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