Shisha Photo: Labour Party Deputy Governorship Candidate Slams Opposition, Says ‘The Crown Never Fights As Slaves’

The Lagos State Labour Party deputy governorship candidate for the March 18, 2023 election Princess Islamiyat Oyefusi, has reacted to a trending photo that was the one in a photograph of a lady smoking shisha.

Her reaction, via Twitter late on Monday, came days after social media user, Kemi Olunloyo, put the photograph out.

Oyefusi, the running mate of Gbadebo Rhode-Vivour, accused opposition parties of running propaganda on her and her entire team.

Taking to her Twitter account: @PrincessOyefus1, she stated that the OBIdient Movement does not indulge in propaganda rather they talk about real issues that affect the people.

She stated that  she will never indulge in such an act.

She noted that she is a princess and a princess will never act in such a way.

Oyefusi tweeted: “Obidents don’t do propaganda, we talk about real issues that affect the people.

“It will not win you the election.

“This is not me and will never be me.

“So, I will not stoop so low to your gutters or dignify you with a rely.

“Ori Ade ko kin jagun bi eru which means the crown never fights as slaves.”


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