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Showmax Set To Release Gripping New African Football Documentary Shine

  • Gripping new African football documentary Shine releases on Showmax this Friday, 5 July 2024.
  • The documentary, a Guinness Matchday Production, follows the journey of four football fans in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Ghana, who go above and beyond to make the beautiful game more enjoyable for their local community.  
  • Featuring the likes of SuperSport commentator Chief Suo Chapele, the 28-minute documentary is directed by Nigeria’s Nora Awolowo, who won Best Documentary at the AMVCAs last year for The Debut, about Nigeria’s first appearance at the FIFA World Cup in 1994.

Showmax is excited to announce the release of Shine, an impactful African football documentary that promises to captivate audiences, streaming exclusively on Showmax starting this Friday.

Directed by renowned Nigerian filmmaker Nora Awolowo, Shine explores the inspiring journeys of dedicated football enthusiasts in Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, and Ghana, who are redefining the essence of the beautiful game in their local communities.

Produced by Guinness Matchday Productions, Shine showcases the storytelling prowess of award-winning director Awolowo, known for her acclaimed documentary The Debut, which won Best Documentary at the AMVCAs. The documentary features insights from notable figures such as SuperSport commentator Chief Suo Chapele.

Awolowo describes Shine as a heartwarming docu-drama that celebrates individuals who are revolutionising football accessibility in unique ways.

Shine is a documentary that celebrates those who go out of their way to make football accessible to their communities in the most unconventional way possible,” says Awolowo. The production, which will be available for streaming on Showmax and Showmax Premier League, was a truly exhilarating experience, as Awolowo and her team embarked on a journey across different countries to capture diverse football cultures and experiences.

“First of all, finding the right people across Africa led us to discovering a lot of exciting stories while remembering the need for diversity and inclusion. We also had to travel across our choice of countries, learning the language and culture and experiencing what football meant for them. 

From pre-production to postproduction, we were intentional about the story we were telling.”

According to Awolowo, Shine represents a milestone in her directorial career, showcasing the dedication and collaborative effort of more than a hundred crew members to bring this project to life. “I am proud of the work we put in and the results. We worked with more than a hundred crew members across four countries. Controlling and shooting a live match wasn’t an easy task, but we did it. Football did that. We have been able to capture the essence and energy of the people who are actually the backbone of those on the field.”

Producer Lota Chukwu emphasizes that Shine puts the spotlight on the often-overlooked aspects of football, celebrating the fans and individuals who play a crucial role in connecting communities through the sport.

“The backbone of football are the fans and people who bridge the connection between the fans who can attend every match, and those who bring the football to those who can’t. This documentary aims to celebrate them,” says Chukwu

The meticulous process of selecting subjects from various African countries ensured a rich tapestry of stories that embody the true spirit of football.

Chukwu expresses immense pride in the final product, highlighting the documentary’s portrayal of football’s heart and soul without focusing solely on the players.

“As the producer of Shine, I’m beyond proud of what we’ve been able to do with this documentary. We’ve captured the heart, spirit and essence of football, on film, without footballers.”

She urges audiences to watch Shine for a unique perspective on football brought to life by a passionate team dedicated to showcasing the essence of the sport through the eyes of its most devoted fans.

Showmax has also expressed their excitement for the upcoming release.

“Our collaboration with Guinness on Shine presents a great opportunity for us to bring together the 250 million fans on our continent. We’re delighted with the result, which is a real celebration of the beautiful game and the fans who go above and beyond,” said Dr. Busola Tejumola, Executive Head of Content and Channels, West Africa, MultiChoice.


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