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Singer Dice Ailes Urges Yoruba Youths To Embrace Tradition

Nigerian singer Damilola Alesh, popularly known as Dice Ailes, has urged Yoruba youths to embrace culture and tradition.

The Ella crooner made the call during the recent visit of the Aseyin of Iseyin, Oyo State, Oba Sefiu Oyebola, to the Oniru of Iru in Lagos, Oba Abdulwasiu Lawal.

In his message to the Yoruba youth, Ailes said tradition is significant as it acts as a bridge to their history, saying that is the only connection to their roots, ancestors and legacy.

“Tradition fosters a sense of unity, and belonging, and shapes their principles and way of life. Embracing tradition provides stability, connects them to their roots, and fosters a deeper understanding of their essence and heritage,” the artist remarked.

To promote culture, the singer said he integrates the Yoruba language, sounds, and cultural identifiers into his music and visuals, ensuring the continuity of this heritage for future generations.

He clarified that his music career and royal lineage are not in conflict, maintaining that they work together.

“Just as music serves as a tool for image-making, bringing joy and pride to people, so too does my role as an ambassador,” he added, noting that he leveraged his musical platform to promote the richness and positivity of culture and the Yoruba monarchy.

According to him, his visit with the Oyo monarch to the Oniru presented an opportunity to strengthen ties between Yoruba kingdoms.

The Oyo prince said the encounter offered a glimpse into the evolving Yoruba monarchy and its connection to the younger generation.

It was gathered that Ailes was invited to the meeting to represent his family’s significant role within the Oyo royal family, having hailed from the Aleshinloye family, holders of the Balogun title in Iseyin.

The Yoruba royal tradition, according to him, is adapting to the contemporary world.

“Kings are embracing new realities while holding onto core values and customs. This blend of tradition and modernity sees them utilising social media and global platforms to expand their reach and voices. Additionally, they are becoming advocates for social issues, promoting education, and contributing to their communities’ development,” he said.


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