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Smart Campus Conference Gets Date!

Smart Campus is a yearly program pioneered by 3RT Solutions to provide an opportunity for stakeholders (Policy Advisors, Regulators, Administrators, Lecturers, Students, Telecoms and Technology Services Providers, OEMs, and the General Public) to rub minds and pool ideas towards solving challenges encountered in the tertiary arm of the education sector. The event is focused on Infrastructure, Enterprise, Teaching and Learning. The 2nd edition of our Annual Educational Technology Conference is scheduled for 14th-15th November 2013 at Eko   Convention Centre, VI Lagos.  
Our educational systems, standards and infrastructure are generally behind their counterparts globally, in terms of technology adoption and usage.  The major drivers which can help leapfrog our institutions are scalable, mobile and responsive broadband networks, the bed rock of a smart campus. These broadband networks would support enterprise applications that can be sustainably deployed.  The broadband network would give the learners and instructors opportunities to build local communities for collaboration, better user experience, improved personal productivity and economic empowerment. 
For this year’s event, a number of companies with value added solutions for the educational institutions will be available to showcase the current enterprise technology solutions (software and hardware) directly to institutions OEMs, technology providers, telecoms operators and several global technology players.
The interactive sessions would bring together stakeholders in order to develop workable solutions and business models best fitted for the Nigerian educational environment. These would include:
1.      Panel of Discussants where highly knowledgeable individuals would come together to share perspectives and proffer workable solutions
2.      Interactive Seminars where experienced practitioners would share with the participants on innovative solutions and global best practices in the sector
Our tertiary institutions possess the capabilities of being ranked in the first 500 category globally and top 3 in Africa. Smart Campus will provide these institutions the opportunities to bridge the gap between their vision and reality, position their institutions globally, build new partnerships and access technologies and best practices, leaving with understanding of the road map required.
The Conference will also afford administrators the critical opportunity of peer review as well as shared experiences on the deployment of ideas generated from the premiere edition of the Smart Campus project.
About 3RT Solutions: is an integrated technology firm offering broadband solutions & billing management and software applications. We Provide solutions and create opportunities through value added products and services. 3RT have established alliances and partnership with leading OEMs and service providers.

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