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“Sometime In May” Sets Off Theatre in Lagos for 2024

Lagos’ theatre community is thriving like never before, thanks to the growing involvement of young filmmakers who are venturing beyond the confines of the screen to explore the richness of the stage. Amidst this flourishing scene, there’s exciting news for fans as Terra Kulture kicks off the year on a high note with its latest production, “Sometime in May.”

“Sometime in May” is a romantic comedy that promises to evoke a plethora of emotions, leaving audiences cheering for the underdog. The play follows the story of a struggling photographer entangled in a hilariously precarious wedding arrangement with his overzealous fiancée. Set in a beautiful garden theatre, the interactive experience allows the audience to engage directly with the talented actors.

Starring acclaimed actors Wumi ‘Tuase, Odiah Emmanuel, Joy Nmezi, and Toyin Buraimoh, “Sometime in May” is a testament to the creativity and talent prevalent in Lagos’ theatre scene. Writer Debola Santa Ogunshina, producer Tobe Amechi, and director Austine Onuoha have collaborated to create a captivating work of art that promises an unforgettable theatrical experience.

The final showings of “Sometime in May” will take place on February 24th and 25th at Terra Kulture, with two showings daily at 5:30 PM & 7:30 PM. Tickets are available at @tixdotafrica, Terra Kulture, or by contacting 08067153447 (@nevana_productions) via call, SMS, or WhatsApp.


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