Sowore Reveals Why He cannot work with LP

A pro-democracy activist and presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Omoyele Sowore, has given reasons he cannot work with Peter Obi’s Labour Party.

In a two-minute video shared on his X handle on Wednesday, Sowore explained that his political beliefs differ significantly from those of the LP, adding that the party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and the ruling All Progresives Congress (APC) share similar ideologies.

He said, “I often tell the Labour Party people that they are not different from the PDP and APC. We often argue because they are very visible on social media. And they would attack us all the time.

“So, one time that they reached me, asking me to join them, I said I can’t join the Labour Party – for a number of reasons.

“One, the Labour Party is the party without workers. And that is the truth. And for those of you who know Airbnb, short rentals. The Labour Party is like a short rental.

“The Labour Party is not a new party. The former governor of my state, Ondo (Segun Mimiko), was in the Labour Party. He left the state worse than he met it.

“I told them that after the (2023) election, you will be shouting revolution. The next day after the (presidential) election in February, I woke up and ‘Revolution Now’ was trending.

“I say ‘Why is the Labour Party trending?’ I discovered that it is the Labour Party people asking for revolution. That is after they were cheated out of the system.

“Right now, the biggest people who are mobilising for revolution are the Labour Party people because what Tinubu is doing now is what they would have done.

“Had Peter Obi become the President of Nigeria, he would have removed fuel subsidies. He said it.

“What Tinubu is doing now is what Atiku would have done if he had become the President. In fact, Atiku swore that if Nigerians would kill him he would sell all the refineries to his friends but we are different.

“And that’s why I tell people who ask why I don’t work with them that how can you work with people who are opposed to ideology and sometimes your existence.”

Sowore contested the 2023 presidential elections.

In 2022, he claimed that he helped Obi to emerge as the presidential candidate of LP, adding that the Labour Party ran into a problem in the course of choosing the candidacy of Obi, as there were calls that Obi should not be presented.


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