Stop Agonising, Start Organising, Fayemi Tells Youths

Stop Agonising, Start Organising, Fayemi Tells Youths

The Ekiti State Governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi  at the 2021 edition of ‘The Platform’, an annual event hosted by Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Christian Centre, urged Nigerian youths to take advantage of their numerical strength and voting power to determine who leads at different levels of government in the country. 

The Chairman, Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF), who revealed that the youths constitute about 70 per cent of the country’s population, said they need not agonise but rather organise, join the political process from the ward level up to the national level and effect the needed change. 

This, he said, was more strategic than seeking a regime change through the back door or giving up in frustration and cursing elected representatives on social media platforms. 

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“What I am saying in essence is that we have a duty of mentorship to younger people to say to them that sometimes, you don’t always get what you push for but that not necessarily mean that is the end of the road, you keep knocking on the door, banging it and inevitably, it will open. How long it will open for will depend on your capacity to organise, Fayemi said.

“At the risk of sounding immodest, that’s what got some of us into politics. We believe that another Nigeria is possible, a better Nigeria is possible and we should not stand by the sidelines in pushing for that Nigeria of our dreams, we are not there yet but that does not mean we will give up.”

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