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S*x Important For Happy Home – Yetunde Bakare

Nollywood actress Yetunde Bakare, belongs to the school of thought which believes that an active s*x life is critical to having a happy home.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “In our society, people often fail to empathise with men. When a woman leaves her marriage, it is often seen as a move to protect her mental health. However, when a man makes the same decision, he is labelled as ‘irresponsible’, ignoring the fact that he is also human.

“One essential ingredient of a happy home is an active and fulfilling s*x life. Marriage is a significant commitment, and one shouldn’t enter it without knowing their partner well. For couples who are no longer getting s*xual satisfaction from each other, I would advise them to sit down, discuss the issue, and find a solution.

“Love might not always be enough, so it’s important to marry someone one can tolerate through all circumstances; be they financial, mental, or physical challenges. If none of those issues are present, but there is still ‘s*xual withdrawal’, it is advisable to consult a marriage counsellor or s*x therapist.”

Bakare also likened her acting career to a bumpy ride. She said, “Generally, life is full of ups and downs, so my experience so far has been a bumpy ride. I believe nobody has it smooth, even if they have money to run things in the industry. One will still face some challenges that might even affect one mentally if one doesn’t have a tough skin.”


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