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Team Thabana Wins Heads Of House In Week Four Of #BBTitans

Six contestants out, three teams down. In the wake of Mmeli and Jenni O’s eviction, the housemates were a bit solemn and businesslike for most of Monday.

To determine the new heads of house, all the housemates except The Royals, were to participate in the three-game rounds, with the partners deciding who would play each round.

For the first round, the housemates had to move one coloured block at a time from a filled bowl using the provided chopsticks to another empty bowl using one hand. For the rules, they were to leave any block that fell on the floor and pick another but was allowed to pick any that fell on the table all within 90 seconds. 

The first round determined the new Tails of the House, and whichever team(s) with the least moved blocks bore the title for the week. At the end of the first game, Teams Juvone, Khosicle, Juviola, Maya, Thabana, and Yelisa advanced to the next round, while teams Blaqleng and Kaniva became the tails of house.

For the second game, partners of the qualified teams had to throw one block at a time into a net without crossing a white line. After another 90 seconds of play, Teams Thabana and Juiovla qualified for the new third game, while Yelisa was disqualified for stepping on the line on Yemi’s last attempt.

For the last round, the qualified teams were to create as many words as possible from the word CULTURE. Each word gave one point, however, abbreviations or names were not allowed, and the maximum number of words must be eight letters.

At the end of the 90 seconds buzzer, Team Thabana emerged as the winner and automatically the new heads of house for the fourth week in Big Brother’s house. As part of their victory, they have immunity from the week’s eviction, the save and replace privilege, and the unlimited use of the HOH bedroom.

For nominations: The week’s nominees are Teams Kaniva, Blaqleng, Khosicle, Maya, Yelisa, and JuViola as the new HOHs replaced Team JuVone with the latter. While the housemates are not allowed to campaign for votes, fans can save their teams from eviction by voting.

Voting opens at 10 pm on Monday and closes on Thursday at 9 pm. Fans can vote for their favourite pairs using the MyDStv or MyGOtv app or via mobile or website. Votes on the apps are dependent on your DStv subscription package, while everyone gets 100 votes on the mobile or website.

Get more out of your votes by jumping on the DStv step-up offer. All you have to do is upgrade to the package above your current package, and DStv will upgrade you to the next higher tier. This means if you upgrade from Compact to Compact Plus, for instance, DStv will upgrade you to Premium. Remember, the higher your package, the more votes you get.

For more information about Big Brother Titans, visit Fans can also catch the show anywhere they are across Sub-saharan Africa, the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland on Showmax. 

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